Firelands Regional Medical Center 
Making progress clinicians and patients can feel
In development we often focus on progress we can see, like new renovations, buildings or equipment, but sometimes the most impactful changes happen behind the scene. The updated electronic health record system that Firelands Regional Medical Center released this past year is a perfect example of progress that is felt rather than seen.

On September 1st, 2017, Firelands Regional Medical Center upgraded its electronic health record system to the latest version, Meditech 6.1. Meditech 6.1 is a web-based, automated electronic health record that connects care across many settings, enabling clinicians to provide higher quality care, with greater efficiency, to more people. This major 'infrastructure' upgrade required significant engagement across the health system, with over 200 Firelands staff members and providers directly involved in the process. 

Historically, technology has been introduced into healthcare in a siloed fashion with individual service lines or providers handling their own individual systems. But Firelands recognized that coordination of care and patient-centered processes required systems and people working better together.

For providers, Meditech 6.1 delivers universal access to the complete patient story across all the settings of care.  The innovative, streamlined process Meditech 6.1 provides to physicians and staff allows medical personnel to fully focus on the patient, improving efficiency in the delivery of care. The upgrade simplifies record-keeping - it becomes one patient with one chart.

The upgrade has also improved clinical surveillance, alerting and providing better information to clinicians about their patients. The simplest way to think about this is that the systems may aid in alerting doctors and nurses of situations that will help them prevent problems in addition to treating them. 

Along with the electronic health record upgrade, also came a new patient portal, which allows the patient to take more ownership of their health. From one Firelands service to the next, from admission to discharge, the patient can view information on their care across many settings. The upgrade has been beneficial for physicians, medical staff, patients, and guests.
Perkins Township, Cedar Fair, & FRMC officials celebrate the first phase of SportsForce Parks.

Modernization and reinvestment has always been central to Firelands Regional Medical Center's quality care and impact in our community.  Whether projects seen, like the 2016 Women's Care Center or the 2018 Sports Medicine Facility, or projects felt, like Meditech 6.1, all drive economic prosperity and well-being in Erie County.  Last year, FRMC employed 2,497 individuals, purchased $14.7 million of goods and services from local companies and invested $14M in capital assets.    

Abbey Bemis, Executive Director
From holiday giving, to safety training, to breast cancer awareness, FRMC provides numerous programs and services to help the people in our community live healthier and happier lives.

As businesses become more global and mobile, economic development strategists are placing an increasing emphasis on 'Anchor Institutions,' like area hospitals.  Hospitals are " economic powerhouses " with high employment, consistent investment and permanent ties to the community.  Hospital systems are accessible to all populations and can be real drivers of inclusive community development.  FRMC has heeded the charge, leading or participating in impactful economic and community development programs like home ownership assistance, area beautification and signage and Sandusky's Bi-Centennial celebration.
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