Day 8, April 28: History of Racism in Health Care
The history of the exploitation and brutalization of people of color by doctors and others in the medical field is one of America's most tragic and largely untold stories.

Thanks to the work of people like Harriet Washington, author of "Medical Apartheid," there is a new willingness to grapple with the impact of this trauma. Knowing our past is the first step toward a more equitable future.

  • Article: This article explains the many differences that Black and white Americans experience in the health care system dating back to the 1930s.
  • Podcast: Listen to this podcast about the United States Supreme Court ruling, Buck v. Bell, which institutionalized the eugenics movement and led to 70,000 forced sterilizations of people of color and people with physical and mental disabilities.

  • Spotlight: When you have 30 minutes, listen to this podcast to discover how newly emancipated slaves were freed without access to any resources, particularly health care, and how that played a major role in building the nation's first federal health care programs.

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