Day Nine: Housing Inequity
You may be wondering what housing has to do with racial equity. The reality is that housing affordability and who experiences homelessness is largely influenced by our country’s history of racism. According to the Center for American Progress 2019 article, How America’s Housing System Undermines Wealth Building in Communities of Color, “For centuries, structural racism in the U.S. housing system has contributed to stark and persistent racial disparities in wealth and financial well-being, especially between Black and white households.”
Read this brief article from the National League of Cities Embedding Racial Equity in Housing .

Read this report about the Community Condition of Housing and Utilities in Muskegon County from the Livability Lab.

Learn about the West Michigan Regional Dashboard that highlights current population information. This dashboard explores 3 indicators: Economic, Social, and Environmental.

Do you have a local report for your community that focuses on housing inequity? Send it to us at we would love to share it with those taking the challenge.
Learn from this thought panel conversation hosted by the Atlantic – Discrimination in Housing Laws + What Needs to Change.
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