Day 9
Dear One,

Are you too busy to meditate? If you are someone who says, " I am so busy; I don't have the time in my day," ask yourself, "How long do I wait in line for a coffee?" "How much time do I spend checking Facebook posts?" "How much time to I spend going down a rabbit hole surfing the internet?"

I imagine you'll find you have five extra minutes a day for something as important as meditation. Most of us do, if we're honest with ourselves. Maybe even more than five minuets. You know that it is undoubtedly worth taking this time out for a time in.

Think of meditation as the perfect way to reduce stress, rest, and find rejuvenation. If you meditate for a short time each day, you'll receive more benefits than sitting in front of the TV or surfing the internet. It's all about priorities, and your health and happiness.

Today, I asked one of my students how she nourished herself. What did she do? In addition to meditating, she reads spiritual books while wrapped up in her electric blanket. If you ask me how I rest, I'd say I spend a good amount of time in spiritual practice, and I also find rest in cooking and watching a good movie with my husband. Sometimes I find rest in a leisurely walk, gardening, or hanging out and talking with my dogs.

Meditation cultivates the new normal, a restful awareness. It will change the way you operate. Instead of feeling stressed out and anxious, you can create a new, healthy relationship with life. Now who doesn't want that?
Thank you for making the time to put your spirituality first during this time of deep practice. I am practicing with you.

Love, Sarah

Sarah McLean
Director, Feast for the Soul, Inc.

Meditation Teacher Highlight
Eva Robbins is a rabbi, cantor, artist, Reiki practitioner, and author. She sees herself as a late-bloomer who has discovered skills and passions as she’s surrendered to her alchemical process. As a child of Holocaust survivors and a caregiver to her husband who has both chronic and acute medical challenges, she has waded through the darkness but always found light and expansion.

Eva's greatest joy is supporting others on their spiritual journeys and help them find a path to elevate their lives. “Whether through music, prayer, study, yoga, meditation, or celebration of Holy Days, we can each find our doorway to wellness, healing, and expansion.”
Eva’s meditation series encompasses the mystical elements of Judaism and the Torah.

Free Conference Call Invitation
Lisa Campbell is a Feast for the Soul faculty member, an MMI Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, and a Certified HeartMath Add Heart Facilitator. Learn about the electromagnetic field of the heart, the vibrational frequency of emotions, how to cultivate positive heart-based emotions, and how to practice a special technique that consistently produces heart and brain coherence.

Lisa offered Feast goers an invitation to join in on a conversation she was having about the Heartmath technique. Here is a link to the video conference.
Living the Feast
Allow yourself to acknowledge your desires .

Ancient Vedic texts say you are what your deep driving desire is. Your desires aren’t random or accidental. They are in your heart and move through you on purpose. It's not selfish to acknowledge them or to get to know your heart. If you are not clear about what you truly want, or never acknowledged what your heart longs for, don’t be afraid to ask yourself.

Here’s how: Close your eyes. For a few minutes, rest your attention on the center of your chest, feel the subtle beating of your heart. Silently ask yourself, What do I want? What do I really want? Don’t try to come up with an answer, instead, let your heart respond. Be with the questions, be okay with not knowing . Ask yourself when you remember to. The answer will always meet the question you ask, whether it is now, later today, a week from now, or in a month. You don’t need to make up your desires, you just have to become quiet and hear them, they’ll reveal themselves to you, and they come without anxiety, fear, or doubt. You can journal with this question in your heart every morning before or after meditation.
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