Day Out Of Time - The Stargate of Your Heart
July 25th of each year in the Dreamspell System is known as the Day Out Of Time. It has been celebrated, in the communities of those that do,  as a day of Sacred Pause focusing on Universal Love and Forgiveness, Peace through Culture and the concept of "Time is Art".

July 24th is always the last day of the last week of a Dreamspell year and always falls in the 13th Cosmic Turtle Moon of Presence. In addition, a week always ends on a Heart Chakra Day.
A Sacred Pause - The Magical In Between
July 25th, because it is a Sacred Pause that is neither in the year just ending nor in the one just beginning (on July 26th),  becomes a Magical Inbetween Day, a Heart Day Extension, an Enchanted Portal - affording an extra supportive opportunity to access the StarGates of our Hearts.
So on this day, as we honor moments of Stillness and Reflection, getting in touch with the Truth of our Hearts is the Magic that this Sacred Pause can create...

What does your Magical Heart Space look like? What does if feel like? What is it saying to you about your larger picture Mythic Story? What is it revealing to you about Joy and Fun? About Sadness and Loss? About Transformation and your Divine Humanness?

Envision, draw, write, enact, journal, dance, simply be with and in the StarGate of your Heart or Co-create with friends and like minded community. Contemplate what  it feels like to truly Love yourself and to Love others. How does your Heart encourage you to Shine as only you can? What new treasures are you finding there; what Gold lie in your multi-dimensional depths?

Whatever your life responsibilities and/or preferences try taking a conscious Sacred Pause to engage in something special that makes your Heart sing or a Simple Moment of Stillness!

Contemplate creating more of these Magical Sacred Portals of your own design throughout the year.

There's no place like h*OM*e

Time is Art

What is "Time is Art"? Well to me it is how we choose to co-create the Art of our Lives and live each day and every moment.  

How do we treat ourselves and each other? What are we inspired to create and to share? What are we dreaming into being and what supportive containers are we building to hold those dreams? What brings us Joy and makes us laugh? How and What and Whom do we Love? Perhaps this is different for each one of us and yet also an integral part of Universal Oneness, a Grander and Inclusive Divine Design. 

This years Day out of Time takes us right to the Heart of the Tzolkin, to the very center of its Matrix. In the Trinity of Kin way of working, that embraces the Dreamspell Galactic Signature for the Day and in addition the Traditional Long Count (aka New Earth Resonance) which together create a Heart Bridge that unites and unifies the two, there Beats Kin 130 - White Cosmic Dog, in the center of the 7th column known as the Mystic Column.

The Mystic Column contains the 20 Core Days, signifying a focus on a period of attunement, being present in the moment, and a time of taking a breath and a pause amidst the intensity of traveling through Blue Castle of Transformation...

Taking the Time to be Present with and for ourselves in the Truth of our own Hearts allows us opportunity to be Present with and for others too

Day out of Time Trinity of Kin

Speaking as One, this Trinity might say:

"I Am the Spirit of Aloha, Love's Bigger Picture Wisdom and Light seeking Embodied Expression through you, My sword of Truth pierces illusions veil, freeing you from the ties that bind. I reveal to you your Essence beyond all space and time. I make a difference in the name of Love, Truth and New Beginnings and as Love's Beacon, I Shine...I am the HEARTBEAT and the PRESENCE of your Center Divine"
If interested find Keywords and Phrases for Solar Tribes here

also highly recommended is Ariel Spilsbury's Mayan Oracle. The writing in this wonderful book is like a lightning rod, opening to a profound and deeper understanding. I've not used it as much as an oracle, but as a way of understanding the Solar Tribes and Tones. If you are working with them regularly your own insights into each begin coming to light. Its Magical!

 A Chakra Meditation Mantra 
that weaves and spirals following the Chakra correspondence days
of the Dreamspell system

The words for each chakra were taken from a set of Chakra Flags that have proven
to be inspiring to me. I hope that you find them inspiring as well.

Each week begins with Crown, then moves to Root, then from 3rd eye to Sacral, from Throat to Solar Plexus and ends in the Heart

July 26th, Day one of the New Spectral Storm Year, begins with a Crown Chakra Day as does each new Dreamspell year

You don't have to follow the Dreamspell or any particular system or practice to use this however. Its adaptable and Universal. I've used it each day as part of a morning practice for several years and have found this to be a magical way to begin the day

Please find a Downloadable Chakra Meditation Mantra on the link below

Enchanted PORTAL to Download

Standing in Sacred Pause and Centered on the Timeline, Healing Backwards and Forwards - feeling all that has brought us to this moment of Stepping into Universal Flow...Life is a Prayer - Trinity speaks as one as we return to the One - riding the Wave, Becoming the Ocean...
I am a Golden Seed of Possibility, a Gift of Transparency, and a Beacon of Hope and Heart Healing - Together we Weather all Storms
C ultivating a Deep and Wide View We Nurture a Soulful Life, Regenerating, Catalyzing, Alchemizing, Hands as Heart Extensions, Holding High a Star to Light the Way ...That Star, She Carries Us Through...
Blossoming on the Shore Anew, We Trust the Call of Spirit, and Embrace Life as an  Epic Adventure
On the Wings of Freedom, We Soar

The Blue Spectral Storm Year
Guided by the Wisdom of Heart
July 26 2016 - July 24 2017
The beginning of each year finds us returning to the One and the first of 13 28-day Moons, the Magnetic Bat Moon of Purpose. The over-arching Purpose of the year is also defined by the Kin appearing on its first day.
This year that is Kin 219, Blue Spectral Storm, residing in the 5th Castle of Transcendence and Magic! The New Earth Resonance is Kin 173 Red Self-Existing Skywalker, in the Yellow castle of Refining and Flowering. In the Heart Space resides Kin 132, Yellow Lunar Human in the Blue Castle of Transformation.
The composite color of their energetic passage is GREEN
During the year of While Planetary Wizard that is now passing we have been getting in touch with our special brand of Magic and listening more intently than ever to the wisdom of our Hearts as we practice showing up for life authentically and in the moment; just as we are, an empowering passage!
Radical Self Love and Trust have been of paramount importance as we strive to embody Wholeness and to share and to Shine as our Essence Selves.
For some of us that has meant leaving some of what we have known behind and adjusting and recreating the foundations that we have long stood upon. For many of us this past year has been about integrating paradox and dancing with great joy and sorrow simultaneously.
For some of us it has been a year of reclaiming our power. Some of us are feeling the urge to Simplify. For others of us it may have been a year of losing self to find Self. While for others of us it has been a year of rediscovering the Wisdom of the Magical Child or perhaps some combination of these and other related themes.

Earth Angels of the Heart Tribe
Breakdown to Breakthrough to the Healing Power of Love
The Sacred Pause created by the Day Out of Time opens our Hearts even further to what is Present at the deepest truest CORE place within us in preparation for the Year of Blue Spectral Storm.
Blue Spectral Storm, also known as WorldChanger, is an energy that invites Radical Transformation Within and Without. Keywords and Concepts for Blue Storm also include light body, activation for ascension, initiation by fire, ecstasy of freedom, purification.

Blue Storm aka WorldChanger
from the Book of Timespace

I am the Worldchanger, also known as the Storm,
Transformer, Master Alchemist, Catalyzer,
"Thunder Voice" by name.
My number is 19, the power of all numbers.
Skilled at the arts of transmutation
I am the catalyst transformer.
To know me is to know your own power of self-generation.

The Spectral tone is one of Liberation, encouraging the release and dissolving of all that limits and of all that has previously defined us and our world that is in need of revision (and that is being revised beyond our control).
This energy invites us not only to Dream, but to Become that Dream and the Change that we wish to see in the World. Only your Heart can tell you what that means to and for you! May we each and together create the space and the place to birth what we know in our Hearts must be.
As we witness around us the chaos and violence in the present may we also feel the light and goodness that is also a Presence that is supporting us all. The greater the light that shines the darker the shadows and ultimately more is revealed, illuminated, healed. Let us not lose Faith; instead take Heart!. Blue Storm says : "I am the Center around which Chaos Dances!". We are the collective eye of the storm...
May we all be Fierce, Courageous, Wise. Supportive, and Loving and in the Stillness of our Hearts hold Sacred Space in the ways that only we can. May we join together collectively to create an open chalice, a joyful expression of abundance and love. May we work and play each and together to anchor a more loving world even at times when it may feel like a hopeless task. Peace has to begin with each one of us and can begin with something as simple as a smile. We all matter and we all have a part to play...
May the BUZZ be with You
Trinity of Kin for July 26 2016
Speaking as One, this Trinity might Say:
"I am Essence within Form, Light Body Bridge, and Wisdom Guide. I AM the Change I wish to see in the World, and by so Being I Teach and Inspire. I Am a Divinely Human Messenger of Love, Light, and Deep Transformation. The Ecstasy of Freedom and New Adventure are my Gold. I Sing my Soul Song and find Deep Peace as I Bridge Worlds New and Old,"


When you let go, is when you start freeing yourself.
It is totally up to you, to unleash the enchantment and grace of your magic and even more so, to believe in it.
~author/ess unknown

 Become the Change that You Wish to See in the World
The Center Around which Chaos Dances
Don't Forget to Have Some FUN along the Way
The Time is NOW

 With Love and Gratitude for the Journey
 Sarah Honu-Heart Gallant