Day Out Of Time - July 25th 2018
Happy Day Out Of Time and Portal to The Red Cosmic Moon Year! 
On this day of celebrating Time is Art, how will you choose to paint your day and celebrate the Art of Living?
It has been 2 years since I've written a newsletter. I hope this edition finds you well.  For me, the last 2 years have been an incredibly intense wild ride filled with joys and sorrows, challenges and opportunities. deep-diving, feelings of awe, intensive self-questioning resulting in new insights, and  endings and new beginnings. I wonder how many of you reading can relate?
Although difficult in many ways these years have also been deeply rewarding. I felt supported and protected and was able to surrender to the flow. Within each challenge a special gift was revealed. Taking a deep breath now I feel so grateful for it all and also to be able to share in this way again! 
For anyone new to this newsletter and to Dreamspell. and also as a refresher, July 25th of each year in the Dreamspell System is known as the Day Out Of Time. It has been celebrated, in the communities of those that do,  as a day of Sacred Pause focusing on Universal Love and Forgiveness, Peace through Culture and the concept of "Time is Art".

The Day Out of Time  comes to be through combining the  13 Moon Gaian Natural Time Calendar  with the Gregorian Solar based calendar that we have become used to following. The 13 Moon calendar (having 13 moons [lunar 'months'] of 28 days each, equaling 364 days) 'fits inside' the Gregorian Calendar with one extra day. So when Following the 13 Moon calendar, day 365 becomes the Day Out of Time. The new year begins  on July 26th. 

July 24th is always the last day of the last week of a Dreamspell year and always falls in the 13th Cosmic Turtle Moon of Presence. In addition, a week always ends on a Heart Chakra Day.
A Sacred Pause - The Magical In Between
July 25th, because it is a Sacred Pause that is neither in the year just ending nor in the one just beginning (on July 26th),  becomes a Magical Inbetween Day, a Heart Day Extension, an Enchanted Portal - affording an extra supportive opportunity to access the StarGates of our Hearts.
So on this day, as we honor moments of Stillness and Reflection, alone or in community, getting in touch with the Truth of our Hearts is the Magic that this Sacred Pause can create...

Portal to Lemuria and ever-deepening Love

World day of Love and Thanks to Water

Dr. Masaro Emoto, who did extensive work with the effects of words, emotions, and music on water set a date of July 25th as "World day of Love and Thanks to Water"  to coincide with the Day out of Time. The Spirit of his work brings attention and consciousness to the Power of Love and Gratitude made Visible through his practice of photographing water that had been exposed to loving words and more negative expressions and taking pictures of the crystalized forms each expression creates.  

To imagine and experience how the energies of words. emotions and music effect us as human beings who are 97% water, is extremely powerful and empowering!  Dr. Emoto's books and videos are available and impart, in both images and words, the living power of water as conduit for healing. He died in 2014, yet his work lives on. Please find an interview with Dr. Emoto by Lilou Mace by clicking on his name above that includes a link and find access to his published work HERE.
True Peace begins within.  As we still our emotional waters and quiet our minds centering and becoming the Observer,  we can witness (ourselves and others) without judgement or attachment.  As Observer we have energetic support for and an opportunity to deeply and super consciously tune into the larger story of our lives in ways that bring us Deep Peace that ripples outward throughout the year. We Love in new and expanded ways...
For many of us July 25th will be life as usual whatever that might be.  We might choose how to spend our day be that in quiet refection, prayer, solitude, in larger community, creating art, performing ritual, at a specific related celebratory function, with a beloved partner, or in a small group of cherished friends and/or family.

However this day unfolds for each of us, may we remember to consciously connect with our innate inner divinity and creative spark and to the larger etheric web that connects us all - in a moment of Sacred Pause. May we feel deeply and express authentically the JOY that is our birthright and share that JOY with others. May we BE Love made visible, in the ways that we are now capable of and wherever we might be.

Masaru Emoto's message is particularly highlighted and relevant in the Red Cosmic Moon Year beginning July 26 2018. Red Cosmic Moon, key phrase: Universal Water. May we all care individually for our internal waters and about the collective universal water challenges now facing our beloved planet, doing what we can. The two cannot be separated.

"Water carries within it your thoughts and your prayers. And as you yourself are water, no matter where you are, your prayers will be carried to the rest of the world."
Masaru Emoto

Time is Art

Art is not only about tangible  pieces we create or music we sing and play etc (although it certainly includes that).

Art is an expression of the way in which we choose to live our lives.
May we all bring greater harmony into our daily lives and encounters as we live our ideals elegantly and in integrity with our own values as well as bending to meet others when there are personal attachments that we can let go of for the greater good.

How do we treat ourselves and each other? What are we inspired to create and to share? What are we dreaming into being and what supportive containers are we weaving and allowing to hold those dreams? What brings us Joy and makes us laugh? How and What and Whom do we Love? 

This years Day out of Time shines brightly as Kin 168 of the Tzolkin, Yellow Crystal  Star, 12th day of the 13 day Red Earth Wavespell and a beautiful call to creative expansion, creative embodiment.  and  Harmony through creative co-operation, (inside out) as we follow the synchronicities of the Soul's crumb trail

YELLOW STAR invites us to expand beyond previous boundaries, to be bathed in new frequencies, and to expand our Love and the 12th CRYSTAL tone invites integration and stability in this expansion into the greater network

#168 Kaya, 3rd Chakra Whale

Dear One,

Lose not your Sight or Self in the petals of life; rather keep to your center and you shall stay whole. This you must do to truly sing the song of your soul.

In love, light, peace,
Kaya, 3rd chakra whale

I am one who trusts the process of life allowing the depths of creative imagination and inspiration to inform me from within. In this way, I connect with Source, and flowing outward into the world forge a unique path of sharing, shining forth the power of wholeness with Love and Gentleness. I joyfully communicate through my being and from my Heart - I Am/We Are ONE with the Light.

My message for you is this: Find that deep abiding and everlasting Joy within that is not dependent on externals. Become that Joy. Embody that Love

When I look at a star in the sky
I see the fires of ancient civilizations,
courageous men and women on a journey to infinity.

In beauty we dream new worlds into being

~Alberto Villoldo

Portal to the Pleiades

The 7 Sisters
(we are) Healing through Re-Membering on a return path to the stars...

...Riding the star-lit Wave to the  Sacred Shore of Remembrance, ultimately to Blossom Anew  by the Light of the Red Cosmic Moon...

Questions for the Universe

Questions we might ask ourselves today on this day of pause on the Threshold  of the new Dreamspell Year are:
How do I become an ever more creative, inclusive, Artist of Life, allowing the Magical Child to help guide the way?
How do I best become an instrument of higher order, ever following that Inner Star with integrity?
How do I best align with others to assist in creating beauty, healing, new adventure, love of mystery and make a valuable contribution in the world?

See what shows up for you relative to these questions (or create your own question that feels just right for you). Release all expectations, and allow surprises!  What appears in the coming days relative to your question in the form of people, conversations, animals, situations, challenges, opportunities, colors, symbols, numbers, dreams??

Again, Happy Day Out Of Time! I hope that you will be inspired to honor this Sacred Pause in your own Special, Creative, Fun, and Deeply Meaningful Way! 

A Red Cosmic Moon Year Edition will follow soon!

When you let go, is when you start freeing yourself.
It is totally up to you, to unleash the enchantment and grace of your magic and even more so, to believe in it.
~author/ess unknown  


 With Love and Gratitude for the Journey

 Sarah Honu-Heart Gallant