Day Out Of Time - July 25th 2019
Freedom - New Beginnings

Through listening deeply in the moment to the Rhythm of Life while simultaneously Honoring the Continuity of our Journeys thus far, we may discover a portal, pregnant with possibility, inviting us to find our Truest place within the Sacred Flow...
Infinite Octaves 2: Becoming the Ocean
Happy Day Out of Time!
On the "Wings Within" of the powerful Eclipse Portal Pairs of July 2nd (New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer). the July 16th (Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn) and the current Mercury Retrograde Cycle, we arrive on the shores of July 25th which inDreamspell is known as the Day Out of Time.    
The  Day Out of Time  comes to be through considering the  13 Moon Galactic Calendar    along with the Gregorian Solar based calendar that we have become used to following.
 The 13 Moon calendar (having 13 moons (lunar 'months') of 28 days each, equaling 364 days) 'fits inside' the Gregorian Calendar with one extra day.This integration brings the blessing of a Divine Feminine Wave of Natural Time into our lives .
Heavenly Earth Rhythms Feed My Soul
World day of Love and Thanks to Water

Dr. Masaro Emoto, who did extensive work with the effects of words, emotions, and music on water set a date of July 25th as "World day of Love and Thanks to Water"  to coincide with the Day out of Time. The Spirit of his work brings attention and consciousness to the Power of Love and Gratitude made Visible through his practice of photographing water that had been exposed to loving words and more negative expressions and taking pictures of the crystalized forms each expression creates.  

To imagine and experience how the energies of words. emotions and music effect us as human beings who are 97% water, is extremely powerful and empowering!  Dr. Emoto's books and videos are available and impart, in both images and words, the living power of water as conduit for healing. He died in 2014, yet his work lives on. Please find an interview with Dr. Emoto by Lilou Mace by clicking on his name above that includes a link and find access to his published work HERE.
True Peace begins within.  As we still our emotional waters and quiet our minds centering and becoming the Observer,  we can witness (ourselves and others) without judgement or attachment.  As Observer we have energetic support for and an opportunity to deeply and super consciously tune into the larger story of our lives in ways that bring us Deep Peace that ripples outward throughout the year. We Love in new and expanded ways...
For many of us July 25th will be life as usual whatever that might be.  We might choose how to spend our day be that in quiet refection, prayer, solitude, in larger community, creating art, performing ritual, at a specific related celebratory function, with a beloved partner, or in a small group of cherished friends and/or family.

However this day flows for each of us, may we remember to consciously connect with our innate inner divinity and creative spark and to the larger etheric web that connects us all - in a moment of Sacred Pause. May we feel deeply and express authentically the JOY that is our birthright and share that JOY with others. May we BE Love made visible, in the ways that we are now capable of and wherever we might be.

Masaru Emoto's message has been particularly highlighted and relevant in the Red Cosmic Moon Year that we are just leaving...and leading into the White Magnetic Wizard Year beginning July 26 2019. 

May we all care individually for our internal waters, about the ripple effect of our personal flow, and about the collective universal water challenges now facing our beloved planet, doing what we can. 

"Water carries within it your thoughts and your prayers. And as you yourself are water, no matter where you are, your prayers will be carried to the rest of the world."
Masaru Emoto

Hand Across Universal Waters

How can we assist in Re-Enchanting the world so in need of our Love and our special brand of Magic? Let's try asking the Question, then witnessing and allowing what shows up in life in response, as we simultaneously show up in the moment openheartedly

Present in each Moment, may we each and together find our Truest Place/s with the Sacred Flow as we let go of what no longer serves us.  May we each and together Consciously Spiral into ever more Expansive Realities. May we each and together be Empowered to claim our Value and Place as Joyful Pillars of the Heaven on Earth Temple,  in whatever we Do and however we Be, as Divine Children living radiantly in and from the Sacred Garden of the Heart.  

"Change effects us differently" said Anew
"I made the change that was right for me when I became a butterfly. Tonight when you curl up inside your shell, think about what makes you special just as you are. Then you'll be able to find your wings"
from a beautiful story called Wings Within by Franklin Hill 
for children and the precious child within us all
~ a highly recommended read ~
The most important thing we can do in this life
is to discover the Love and Truth of who we are
and serve it up to the world again and again

In addition to working/playing with the Dreamspell and 13 Moon Galactic Calendar I also include the Traditional Mayan Cholq'ij count, arriving at a 3rd Kin Ive called the Heart Bridge, and the Threesome the Trinity of Kin.

 There are now dated writings on my website that I hope to revise and update this year with language and concepts that are more cohesive. I frame this as another lens through which to view and believe both calendars are beautiful, relevant, and valuable each in their own way. Considering both together has been magical for me. The Trinity of Kin for the Day Out Of Time have assisted in informing the contents this newsletter. An image of the three is shown below

Joyful Blessings as we move from the Year of Red Cosmic Moon and Universal Water into a White Magnetic Wizard Year and a brand new 13 year Cycle of Enchantment, Empowerment, Self-Mastery, and Freedom

"The Sun had a dream...of the time of the Sun of Flowers: Heaven on Earth, divine children dancing in the golden octave of creation. Sojourner, come to the threshold of this new day dawning!"

Ariel Spilsbury, The Mayan Oracle
Return Path to the Stars

Please find a 3 card reading 
that you can try for the day out of time! 

 With Love and Gratitude for the Journey

 Sarah Honu-Heart Gallant