June News
Day of the African Child
Twelve of our girls celebrated the Day of the African Child in the Masai town of Ooloika, approximately 2.5 hours from Hekima Place. They loved experiencing a new place and engaging with the Masai culture. This trip also gave our girls a sense of gratitude for the things they have, like running water and electricity.

Hekima Place actively engaged in planning this celebration. Part of the planning included advocacy around issues of child rights, like ending FGM and child marriage and providing all children with a quality education. These issues matter to our girls- and they should matter to all of us!
Airport Visit
Mum Jenny's husband, Uncle Bravon, arranged a field trip to Wilson Airport where he works. The girls learned how airplanes and helicopters fly, and they were thrilled to sit in a police helicopter. This trip was made all the more special because female engineers and staff at the airport showed the girls that women can achieve their dreams. Allian and Clovie were particularly engaged- we may have some budding aviation stars at Hekima Place!
Girls Participate in Music Festival
Many of our primary school girls attended the regional music festival in Nakuru. They performed well and our Kamba Dancers won 2nd place, which secured them a spot in the national finals in August! We are so proud of our girls and we love that they use their gift, talents and love of performing arts to express themselves. Unfortunately we do not have pictures, but you can imagine how our girls shined!
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