Dear Daybreak Family,
Life since Covid has changed in some way for everyone we know. The time we were given to reflect on the direction, priorities and goals in our lives has created change—big and small—for each of us.

This time has also allowed the Board and Staff of Daybreak Camp to reflect on Daybreak as an organization, including the camp’s ministry, business performance, and the health of our facility and programs. We’ve had thoughtful conversations and spent much time in prayer. This resulted in our ability to outline a path that will lead the organization forward in a healthy and productive manner.

With a tremendous amount of thoughtfulness and prayer we, the Board of Directors and Staff, have concluded that Daybreak Camp will no longer provide our own program-based summer camps—WildSide, Faith Development Camp (FDC), Adventure Camp and Family Camp. As you know, Daybreak’s program model relies solely on volunteers to staff all aspects of each camp. Over the years it has become increasingly difficult to secure the volunteers required to provide safe and healthy camps. We do not expect this reality to change moving forward, particularly given the lasting impacts Covid has had on organizations and individual comfort levels.

Daybreak Camp as an organization is healthy and has a very vibrant and robust ministry serving a multitude of guest groups with heartfelt Christian hospitality. We currently serve a variety of churches, college and youth organizations, and parachurch ministries. From this point forward, we will transition Daybreak to solely serving Guest Groups who are aligned with our updated mission statement:

Encouraging a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the Christian Camp experience.

You are all very important to us and important to Daybreak. We will be creating new opportunities for you and your family to experience Daybreak. If your church, parachurch ministry, or nonprofit organization would benefit from an experience away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, we would love to host your group. 

For those of you who have volunteered tirelessly over the years, thank you! You have been instrumental in Daybreak’s ministry and have impacted the lives of many.

We are excited to lead Daybreak forward in this new direction and hold tremendous respect and love for those who have been part of the camp’s history and ministry to date. We look forward to what God has in store for the future as we know His hand is upon this and so much more!   
In Christ's Service,

Rich and Marci Burdick
Daybreak Camp
Co-Executive Directors