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It's Marching through March at Buddings, and that means getting in step, and getting going. 
Tax filing is due on April 30, and we've had a lot of questions about where to find your 2013 childcare receipts. Way to be on the ball, everyone! The form to calculate your deduction, and instructions are below. 

Filing taxes has really been simplified, especially if you file electronically, but it's still an annual anxiety. When you get it all done, you'll deserve a break! 

Something light, fun, and oh so adorable. Have a browse through our latest photo collection on Dropbox to see the brightest smiles and cutest kids ever! But, please, don't delete the photos.

Hup! 2, 3, 4! March!
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Pyjama March - Mar. 12
2013 Tax Receipts
Photos for Families
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Marching through March... in Pyjamas - Mar. 12!
Thinking up ideas for a play-based program is a tonne of fun, and each month, we pick a topic that we hope will get the imaginations going. For the merry month of March, we're exploring... Marching! 
The ants go marching, Dinosaurs marching, marching, Marching bands, Marching to our own beat. So much marching! 
And on Wednesday March 12, we're taking a page from the bananas, and we'll be marching in pyjamas! It's PYJAMA DAY at Buddings! We'll be marching down the stairs and marching around in pairs! Well, we'll be wearing pyjamas. And your child can too! 
Receipts for 2013 Childcare
It's tax season - as in, collecting info, organizing paperwork, and filing - and everything is due on April 30, 2014. 

Childcare is tax exempt, so there's no HST or PST/GST added, but you can apply the amount that you paid to reduce your income, and thereby your taxes. 
You'll need to fill in Form T778, to calculate the amount you can deduct. The rules are all on the CRA website. 
You'll also need a statement of your payments. If you mail in a paper form, you can include it with your paperwork. If you file electronically, you can just keep the statement for 7 years, in case you get audited. 

To print off the receipts for your 2013 payments, LOG IN to your account, and find all the paid invoices on your Dashboard. Click on each one to bring up the option to Print or Email it. (Print to PDF will allow you to save a copy electronically.) 

For easier filing, we can also prepare a one-page statement of your Buddings payments for $50. Please let us know by the end of March. 

Photos for Families - Please do not delete!
Last month, there were so many adorable moments, and fun adventures and projects! We always try to capture as many as we can, and are happy to share them with the attending families through our monthly photo collections on Dropbox. (February's are coming soon!)
When the invitation to join the folder arrives, pull your little buddy onto your lap, and ask them which kids they know. There are a lot of kids, and we try to include at least a shot of every child.

That's a lot of pictures! And we know they take up space in your Dropbox account. Once you've viewed the collection and downloaded a couple for the grandparents, you can either remove yourself from the shared folder or ask us to remove you. PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE PHOTOS FROM THE FOLDER. Deleting them deletes them for everyone.
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