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SCHEDULING: Using the More Info Button in the Select Patient Dialog to View Family Appointment Information


What do you train the office to do with this feature?


I train offices to use the More Info button to see at a glance if any of a patient's family members have an appointment or are due for an appointment.


How did the feature help the office staff save time, save money, make money, reduce stress, or enhance their professional image?


Every office I have been to has told me they open the Appointment Book or Family File to find this information.  I teach every team member to click the More Info Button during a patient's appointment to make sure every family member is scheduled or due for recare so they do not have to call patients back to schedule.  Keeping hygiene scheduled with all family members while a patient is in the office helps make money. 

Answers provided by Donavie Crawford, Dentrix Trainer  

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