We are looking forward to our K-2 students returning in person! We will begin our in person classes on Monday, October 19th with no more than 12 students in the classroom. Students will be assigned to Section 1: 2 days in person, 3 days remote OR Section 2: 3 days in person, 2 days remote. Teachers will assign students to a section based on student needs and services. Students will still be in their current teacher's class. 
upon returning, please review school supply lists, make sure your student has an appropriate sized mask, is in uniform , and has a water bottle.
Each month we celebrate students accomplishments in making perfect attendance, exhibiting our core values, earning dojo points and also Thunder bucks as a class! See the winners!


Justice Way
Jah'King Vaughn
Eniyah Bailey
Journee Rodgers
Kirstopher George
Jaceyon Allen
D'Aires Norvell
Ivantae Purdue
Aubrey Howard
Laila Jones
Tylan McMillan-Turner
Iyron Hoskins
Tremell Harris
Jaeviana Allen
Tommie Brent
Laniah Harris
Derrion Preston
Jai'Mari Taylor
Kentrell Freeman
Dre Auna Norvell
Heavenly Holston
Malik Strickland
Martay Holston
College Bound Award
Emertruis King
Kederckiyah Marshal
Kylie George
Kevin Brown
Horace Gullatte
Lola Jones
Sydni Beasley
Arie Gause
Husand Williams
Janiyah Kalebaba
Marceyona Watkins
Derron Key
James Perry
Shy'auna Stewart
Davion Wilkerson
Antwain Swain
Amayah Owens
Tyrone Rodgers
Ahjonny Allen
Angel Goode
Danyiah Key
Keith Kirkland
Jojo Clark
1st Quarter will end 10/9! Students will attend morning meeting then they will be able to take the day to complete course work, make up assignments, and ask questions until 3pm! Let's FINISH STRONG!

We are looking forward to celebrating FALL with your families! This year due to Covid19 we have had to make some adjustments to ensure a fun and SAFE event! We will have a TRUNK or TREAT featuring a Costume parade, Non-Contact Field games and more!
We are currently looking for candy donations and volunteers for the event! If you choose to do either please contact Mrs. Matthews at 937.361.3175
Learning is alive and well at DLA! When I observe in classrooms I see students raising their hands to answer questions, working in small groups, solving challenging math problems, reading interesting texts, and focusing on learning. We know that the shift to remote learning has been a challenge, but we are so grateful for our families’ support and our students’ efforts to engage in learning online. Students know their schedules, have learned the technology, and are enjoying seeing their classmates and teachers virtually. To achieve our school goals, we need your child to attend class, participate in class sessions, and submit assignments every day! Remind your child of the value of education, that it’s their job is to be an excellent student, and that if they work hard they will get smarter. We are looking forward to sharing your child’s progress at first quarter conferences on October 14-15. Your child’s teacher will contact you to schedule the 1on1 conference in person, virtual, or over the phone. Teachers will go over your child’s report card, assessment results, and core value ratings. You will leave the conference knowing what your child’s end of the year goal is and how to support your child’s progress at home. Our school goal is 90% attendance at conferences!

Tess Asinjo, Principal