The De Sang Building - Mogul
A Neo-Gothic style skyscraper, built in the early 20th century, the De Sang Building is one of Titan City's most interesting buildings.
Built in the early 20th century as part of the Gothic Revival movement, it is especially notable for the top spires of its structure,
With its hexagon of cascading arches, the building is one of the most striking in Downtown. It's also a frequent stop for many who try to fly through its Gothic arches and stop for a rest. There is a private entrance at the top of the De Sang - Ask someone who works there and they may tell you more about its history.
The De Sang Building sits within a collection of architecturally interesting buildings, some modern, some featuring older styles.
You can't miss it as it sits right next to the Liberty Building landmark, the tallest building in Titan City. The De Sang is a classic - make sure and check it out!