Relieving STRESS In This New Year
We as a team recently had the pleasure of working with Ananda Leeke , to learn more about Mindfulness and how it can be utilized in both your work and professional life.

Check out Ananda's website and awesome resources below (including a her useful S-T-R-E-S-S tool), and reach out to her today to learn more about how you can be including Mindfulness in your day to day life!
Ananda Leeke discovered mindfulness when her career as a young lawyer and investment banker did not produce the level of success she expected. During her healing journey, she studied and practiced meditation, yoga, reiki, chakra balancing, color therapy, crystal therapy, astrology, the moon’s lunar cycles, journaling, art-making, creative writing, and mantra and vibrational healing music.

Today, she listens to her heart and follows her intuition to help people, businesses, organizations, and communities become resilient and thrive with mindfulness. Ananda is a certified yoga and mindfulness teacher, reiki master practitioner and is the Chief Mindfulness Officer of Ananda Leeke Consulting, a wellness company that focuses on personal and professional development.

In addition, she hosts and produces the Thriving Mindfully Show on Eaton Radio and teaches weekly meditation classes and mindful self-care workshops at Qi Kratom CBD Tea.

Thriving Mindfully Podcast:
S: Stop when you notice you are stressed out.
T: Take a moment to breathe deeply.
R: Reflect on what’s happening in your body, spirit, heart, and mind.
E: Energize yourself with deep breathing and/or mindful movement to release the stress.
S: Set an intention to practice mindful self-care.
S: Start where you are with a small step that allows you to practice mindful self-care.