March 2017

City Officials


John Rey

City Council

David Jacobson, Ward One

Bill Finucane, Ward Two

Michael Marquardt, Ward Three

Bob Snow, Ward Four

Kate Noreiko, Ward Five

David Baker, Ward Six

Anthony Faivre, Ward Seven

City Clerk

Jenny Jeep Johnson

City Manager

Anne Marie Gaura
Inaugural Edition of DeKalb e-News
Welcome to the first issue of the City of DeKalb’s newly created electronic newsletter, DeKalb e-News. This newsletter is just one of the ways the City is working to enhance the lines of communication with the community and provide information in a timely manner. This newsletter will include information on City initiatives and projects in addition to events and resources in the community. New editions of DeKalb e-News will be released in January, March, May, July, September and November. The City hopes you enjoy the first edition of DeKalb e-News and find the information and resources interesting and useful.
Recycle Often, Recycle Right
When it comes to recycling, recycling right is just as important as the act itself. In order to make a difference for the environment, things need to end up in the correct bin. As you may have seen on the City's social media, the City has partnered with Waste Management to provide residents with information regarding the importance of recycling.  The three steps above are small acts that have a big impact on getting the right things in the recycling bin. Together we can help protect the environment! For information on Refuse and Recycling collection within the City, click here.

In This Issue

2017 Street Maintenance Program

New in the Community

Coming Soon to DeKalb

Cornerstone Development

Police Department Annual Report

Upcoming Meetings

Community Events

Hours of Operation

City Phone Numbers

Downtown Dinner and Conversation
In an effort to create a productive outlet for NIU student voices and concerns to be heard by the City of DeKalb, a NIU Student Government Affairs Work Group began in late summer 2016. The work group meets with City staff once a month on the campus where various topics of interests to the students is shared and discussed. One initiative that came from the monthly meetings was to host a tour of the downtown and dinner to introduce and bring students into downtown DeKalb. On February 1, 2017, 60 NIU students participated in the downtown dinner and community conversation at O’Leary’s Ale House that also included a guided bus tour. NIU staff, Proudly DeKalb community members, and City of DeKalb staff facilitated individual conversations at each table that revolved around downtown revitalization, student issues, and other community ideas. The night ended with each group electing a student speaker to summarize their table’s discussion points and main takeaways. Staff is now using the ideas and feedback to drive initiatives.


Visit the City's Employment section on the website to view and apply for specific positions. For more information, contact the Human Resources Department at (815) 748-2300. 

The science behind DeKalb’s Street Maintenance Program
At different points during the year, community members might see Public Works employees filling potholes, patching crumbling streets or repaving damaged areas.  Although these employees and their trucks might be in vastly different parts of the community at different times, they are following a strict schedule and plan for effective street maintenance. 

The City relies on expert industry leader Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) to collect its street pavement condition data.  Data collection is scheduled for every three years, and the next cycle is scheduled for 2018. 

IMS utilizes state-of-the-art technology to collect the data.  Vehicles fitted with sensors and lasers travel City streets, collecting critical points of data.  In the accompanying photo, each yellow arrow represents a tool that collects a specific type of data: 

1. Assesses surface distress
2. Measures geometrics such as grade and radius of curvature
3. Calculates distances and lane counts
4. Assigns GPS coordinates for every street 
5. Provides forward-view images

Once data collection is completed, IMS calculates a composite score ranging from zero – 100.   The pavement condition rating assigned to each street assists the City identify which streets require maintenance. Ratings also assist the City prioritize which streets receive maintenance first.  

Furthermore, the ratings help develop specific strategies for the type of maintenance the street will receive.  For example, streets with high ratings receive surface treatments.  Streets with a middle rating are resurfaced, and streets with a failing rating are reconstructed from the base up.   Although street maintenance is a priority for DeKalb, current funding levels are not sufficient. Many streets in the community require complete reconstructions. 

Streets with high ratings are neglected to conserve funding for the streets with the lowest pavement condition ratings.  This year, the City is working to identify options for a dedicated revenue source strictly for street maintenance and reconstructions.

New in the Community

On January 3, the City launched a Twitter and Instagram account. Follow us on both platforms at @cityofdekalb_IL. 

The DeKalb Public Library hired Emily Faulkner on January 16 as the new director.

The DeKalb Fire Department has two new ambulances that were put into service earlier this year.

Coming soon to DeKalb

Thai Pavilion, currently located at 131 Lincoln Highway will be moving to a larger location in the downtown.

Sonic will be opening at 1115 W Lincoln Highway after minimal renovations are made to make the entrance handicap accessible.

A new Casey's General Store will be opening on the corner of Lincoln Highway and Peace Road in the coming months.
Cornerstone Development

City Council recently approved the construction of a roughly 7.5 million dollar development located at the southeastern corner of Lincoln Highway and First Street, at the former site of Otto’s.  The  development would consist of the demolition of four buildings at that location, and the construction of a new four-story mixed-used facility with extensive first floor commercial (inclusive of a proposed upscale bar/grill and the relocation of the existing Barb City Bagels to a new facility), with 51 one-bedroom, premium apartments located on the upper three floors.  Check out the Just the Facts entry here for more information about the project.

Police Chief outlines strategy to combat crime
Although crime rates have increased in DeKalb, Police Chief Gene Lowery reviewed in February a number of initiatives that emphasize the City’s commitment to turning the trend around. 

Lowery presented the 2016 Police Department Annual Report at the City Council meeting on February 27, which indicated an increase in both Part I and Part II crimes. 

“Although the increase in crime rate is extremely concerning, we are launching a number of proactive measures to combat this increase,” Lowery said after the meeting. 

The Police Department is diligently working to implement and sustain a variety of initiatives through the 20/20 Vision for the Future Plan: Phase Two.  

“Phase Two is meant to provide a follow-up to the items we worked on in Phase One,” said Deputy Police Chief John Petragallo. “We saw what worked during Phase One and will implement more community based, proactive measures to address specific crime concerns.” 

Phase Two will introduce 20 policing strategies within 20 months. Programs in the 20/20 vision include, but are not limited to, the expansion of Camp Power and Power up for less fortunate children, Cyber Bullying and Social Media Awareness, and Project HOPE: Heroin Outreach, Prevention, and Education.  
Proactive policing measures will also be implemented on a variety of issues including, but not limited to, a Safe Streets Program to reduce gang crime and gun violence, Domestic Violence Lethality Assessment and Victim Advocacy initiative, Juvenile Delinquency Risk Reduction Program and a Neighborhood Policing Plan with “town hall” meetings to obtain vital input from our community.

Chief Lowery also initiated a summit with Police Chiefs from other university communities in Illinois to identify factors that may be causing the sudden change in crime and what the communities could do to collaboratively to address it. 

“We wanted to gain an understanding of what challenges our comparable communities are facing,” Lowery said. “It was incredibly beneficial, we had common concerns and it helped to establish our focus moving forward.”

The communities collectively identified similar challenges including an uncertain economy, poverty, the lack of a state budget, defunding of critical human services, declining enrollment at universities, and a significant surplus of vacant rental properties.  

“Our situation as a college town is incredibly unique,” Lowery said. “We must be conscious and aware of all the factors at play in DeKalb.”

More information on crime statistics and efforts by the DeKalb Police Department in address increasing crime increases can be found in the Department’s 2016 Annual Report here
Upcoming Meetings
Committee of the Whole
March 13, 5 P.M. in Council Chambers

City Council Meeting
March 13, 6 P.M. in Council Chambers

Ward 4 and 6 Parking Restrictions Forum
March 14, 5 P.M. in Council Chambers

Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting
March 15,  6 P.M. in Council Chambers

Ward 3 Parking Restrictions Forum
March 15, 5 P.M. at the DeKalb Police Station

Citizens' Community Enhancement Commission Meeting
March 20, 4 P.M. DeKalb Municipal Buidling (Haish Conference room)

Committee of the Whole Meeting
March 27, 5 P.M. in Council Chambers

City Council Meeting
March 27, 6 P.M. in Council Chambers

Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting
March 29, 6 P.M. in Council Chambers.
Human Relations Commission Meeting
April 4, 6:30 P.M. at DeKalb Municipal Buidling (Executive Conference Room)

Citizens' Environmental Commission Meeting
April 6, 4 P.M. at DeKalb Municipal Buidling(City Hall)

Committee of the Whole Meeting
April 10, 5 P.M. in Council Chambers

City Council Meeting
April 10, 6 P.M. in Council Chambers

Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting
April 12, 6 P.M. in Council Chambers

Citizens' Community Enhancement Commission Meeting
April 17, 4 P.M. at DeKalb Municipal Buidling (Haish)

Committee of the Whole Meeting
April 24, 5 P.M. in Council Chambers

City Council Meeting
April 24, 6 P.M. in Council Chambers
To view agendas for City meetings, please go to the City's Agenda Center here. To check for meeting cancellations and locations updates, please check the City Website here.
Community Events
Candidates Night
March 8 and 9, 5:30 P.M.
Meet with local DeKalb Candidates. This event is free and open to the public. The event is hosted by the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce.

Downtown Spring Open House
March 17, 5-10 P.M.
Meet and Greet with local DeKalb Candidates. This event is free and open to the public. The event is hosted by the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce.

Beth Fowler Dance Company,  March 18-19
Gaelic Storm: Live in Concert,  March 24
Rocky Horror Picture Show,  March 25
Kishwaukee Kiwanis Show: A Showcase of Community Talent:  April 1
OCB Spring Naturals,  April 8
Rocky Horror Picture Show,  April 21
CCT: Presents: Annie Jr.,  April 27-30

2 017 Community Expo
March 30, 4-7 P.M.
The DeKalb/Sycamore Community Expo will take place at the Sycamore High School Field House and feature local business from both communities.

Breakfast with the Bunny & Easter Egg Hunt
April 15, 9 A.M. to 11:30 A.M.
Hop on down to Hopkins Park for a morning of Easter Fun including Breakfast with the Bunny at 9 A.M. and an Easter egg hunt at 10:45 A.M.

AARP Free Tax Help
March 11, 18 and 25 and April 1, 8, and 15.
9:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.
Tax-Aide volunteers will be available Saturday mornings to assist low- and middle-income taxpayers with their tax returns. Please bring a photo ID, all tax documents, and last year’s tax return. Assistance is provided on a first come, first serve basis.
Hours of  Operation
City Phone Numbers
City Hall                    
200 South Fourth Street
Monday - Friday   
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Police Station
700 West Lincoln Highway
Monday - Friday    
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Public Works  
1216 Market Street
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport        
3232 Pleasant Street    
Monday - Friday         
7:30 am - 5:30 pm

Police/Fire Emergency                                                            911

Police                                                          815-748-8400

Parking Ticket Inquiries                           815-748-8412

City Clerk                                                  815-748-2095 
City Manager's Office                               815-748-2090

Finance Department                                 815-748-2000

Fire Department                                        815-748-8460

Mayor's Office                                           815-748-2099

DeKalb-Sycamore Area                            815-748-2367
Transportation Study

DeKalb Taylor Municipal                          815-748-8102

Public Works- Street Division                 815-748-2040

Public Works- Utility Division                 815-748-2050