Dallas County Shelter in Place FAQ Now Available
Dallas County Shelter in Place FAQs:  English | Spanish
School Board Meeting Information
In compliance with the recommendations to maintain social distancing and following guidance regarding the amended Open Meetings Act parameters, we are prepared to facilitate the April Board meetings via video conference. We intend to follow the established parameters regarding public inclusion, communication and trustee voting. Information about how to access the meeting will be made available to the community prior to the meeting.
Teaching & Learning
  • Developing a comprehensive school closure plan
  • COVID-19 Grading Committee is progressing regarding recommended guidelines (gathered opinions from other districts, principals and APs, etc.). Plans are in the process of being finalized and will be distributed to staff upon completion.
  • Progressed in the development of the instructional plans for Week 3 & beyond. 
  • Plans are now available in English and Spanish.
  • SpEd Plan, Schoology training both scheduled for relevant groups 
  • Information and assistance re: Google Classroom and teacher distance learning expectations are forthcoming.
Student Support Services
  • Finalized Post-Graduation Support process and rosters for Post Graduation Team
  • SSS division reviewed the Week 3 and Beyond learning guide to begin finalizing all SSS components.
  • Device Distribution Update: Given the amount of requests for devices and new guidance from the county regarding the shelter-in-place expectations, DeSoto ISD is altering device distribution for families. We’ve had numerous device requests from families who have device/internet access, but wish to have another device to make accessing work more manageable. Unfortunately, DeSoto ISD does not have enough devices to ensure that every student who requests a device receives a device and, therefore, we will be working to prioritize devices for families and students with no access to any devices. Additionally, the DeSoto ISD Distance Learning Plan will continue to contain learning options for students and families who do not have any device/internet access. 
  • If a student/family has *NO* devices at all, they should fill out THIS FORM. Students/families who have submitted this form already will receive communication about device prioritization, including directions for pick-up, this week. In the meantime, students/families without device access should continue to follow the “I do not have a device” distance learning schedule.
  • Technology Help Desk: The DeSoto ISD Technology Department is operating a Technology Help Desk every weekday. If you have any technology issues and would like help, please email HelpDesk@desotoisd.org with a short description of the problem and a phone number to contact you. Our technologists will respond to you within one business day via email or phone. Oftentimes, our technologists can even get to them much quicker than a day, it just depends on the volume of requests.
  • We thank our teachers for calling parents and letting us know about prioritized tech needs for students. We have sorted through surveys about device needs and are working through creating a prioritization list/criteria and developing the communication to let families know the procedure for device pick-up. We have a plan for device distribution via pick-up/drive-through lines to be implemented when device distribution commences. 
  • A2E2/Advanced Academics: The A2E2 team is spearheading the development of the “No Tech” part of the curriculum in alignment with the district curriculum. This will enable families to choose between the Tech-enabled or No Tech option and ensure all students, regardless of internet or device access, are able to engage with the curriculum. Advanced Academics has spent time compiling resources to support the continued instruction of our GT and AP learners.
  • We are continuing to monitor and respond to inquiries on the Info@DeSotoISD.org account, social media and other means.
  • Please note the Attorney General has provided revised timelines for district response to Open Records Requests during school closures. Read more here.

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