Despite overwhelming evidence that Dr. Acton has been wrong about EVERYTHING from the very beginning, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine will not recognize the death and destruction he has caused by his ill-advised actions against the people of Ohio, and admit he has been wrong. So we will prove that he is wrong. While at the start he may have had good intentions, today the Governor has become a tyrant who is drunk with power and consumed by ego and hubris. With clear evidence that the coronavirus threat is ebbing and that the peak in Ohio will be tomorrow , the Governor Tweeted this ignorant post last night:


According to the University of Washington’s  Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHMC) - which is the model that is getting all the data input from around the nation:

  • Ohio’s COVID-19 outbreak will peak on Wed. April 8 - NOT MAY 15th
  • Ohio has 14,290 available beds, and as of tomorrow will be using only 1,372 beds - so much for Dr. Acton's fear-mongering about lack of beds!
  • Ohio has 1,238 ICU beds and as of tomorrow, only 262 will be needed!
  • Only 223 patients will need invasive ventilators at our peak - not thousands like Dr. Acton claims!
  • Dr. Acton breathlessly claims our hospitals will be overrun, but Ohio hospitals are putting nurses and other staff on furlough because they have so many empty beds.
  • Dr. Acton said we had 100,000 Covid-19 infections in Ohio on March 12 - after 4 Weeks we have only 4,450 documented cases
  • Dr. Acton said our PEAK would be in March - then it was May - now it is clear she was wrong both times!
  • Dr. Acton said we would have 10,000 Covid-19 cases PER DAY in May - New York had over 4,000 cases per day on only three days.
  • Dr. Acton claimed that the virus would go up, then stay flat for a few days, then come down slowly - no chart, no model, shows a flat top!

Dr. Acton and Governor DeWine have claimed from the beginning that we must "flatten the curve" in order to "keep from overwhelming our hospitals," yet when all the evidence shows that our hospitals are not overwhelmed, they do not want to take the boot of tyranny off the throat of the people of Ohio and let YOU go back to work. Despite having been wrong about every prediction they have made in the last month, they still want you to believe their scare tactics! Why should you?

The latest forecasts by the IHME say that Ohio will suffer only 554 total deaths by August from Coronavirus! That is 1/5th of the 2,700 that died from the regular flu in Ohio in 2017-18. That was reason enough to cause the carnage listed below in our Coronavirus Score Card??? Hardly.

Not to mention the deaths that Dr. Acton and Governor DeWine have caused by their panicked and reckless actions to pick which Ohioans die and which live. Where are the stats, Dr. Acton?? How many suicides have their been in Ohio - we hear that several hundred have occurred in Ohio since you took away jobs and ordered social isolation! Far more than the 142 from Coronavirus. What are the Opioid/Drug Abuse Death statistics? What are you hiding, Governor DeWine? How much domestic violence and child abuse has taken place in Ohio since you took this unwarranted action?

When this is all over, the people of Ohio will know that it was you, Governor DeWine, who took away their businesses, their jobs, their lives, their Rights, their property and their prosperity. It was you who trampled their Ohio and U.S. Constitutional Rights based on "models" put out by hard left a ctivists who intentionally put them out there to scare foolish old men like you into taking action that was not warranted. Instead of being a leader, like the Governor of South Dakota , you followed the herd and tried to take us ALL over the cliff of economic suicide. That will be your legacy, Governor, when all is said and done.

Ohio Coronavirus Score Card:

Ohio Population: 11,660,000 • Average Deaths per day 325
Coronavirus Deaths: 102 Total in 8 Weeks!
Deaths from other Causes in 8 Weeks: 18,200 Estimated
Positive Cases: 3,379 (.00029 of total population)

Ohio Businesses Closed: 200,000  Estimated
Ohioans without Pay Checks: 1,793,472 Estimated
Lost Wages, Past 14 Days: $1,951,297,536 Estimated
Businesses Projected to Close Permanently: 113,670 Estimated

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