From our Executive Director….

On June 21, 2019, our world sustained a monumental loss when a stalwart Christian, a good friend to the prolife movement in Baltimore, a wonderful husband, father and grandfather, faithful friend, a zealous aid to political candidates and causes, a member of Maryland Right to Life, and of the Center for Pregnancy
Concerns’ Board of Directors ~ Deacon Richard W. Montalto, aka Deacon Monti, soared from this earth into the arms of our Lord.

He impacted the lives of all who knew him ~ and he knew many, many people! He had more friends than anyone I know. He was opinionated, conservative, spiritual and always had a story. He was passionate about his faith which, in turn, made him just as passionate about the unborn. You could always count on Monti for advice, a quick prayer and, of course, a quick lunch.

By our standards, he died too young (81). He suffered greatly during the last two years of his life. But he never stopped being involved. Eventually, he was on oxygen and a walker. Did that stop him from attending meetings? No. When he couldn’t attend CPC's Board meetings anymore, he called in. Finally he couldn’t manage that. But I know he never stopped praying for us and would still call when he felt well enough. He wrote the book on tenacity.

I received a call advising me to visit him in the hospital as soon as possible. My husband Vince and I dropped everything and went, expecting to find a quiet room, a sleeping patient, a somber atmosphere. We got to the door of his room, holding our collective breaths, expecting the worst. What we found was the Deacon entertaining family and a few close friends, talking up a storm and smiling from ear to ear. Talk about rallying! We had a wonderful visit. That was the last time we saw him.

Deacon Monti is truly “The Most Unforgettable Character I’ve Ever Met” ~ Thanks be to God.

With love & gratitude for a life well-lived,