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In an age when the performing arts are more marginalized than ever before and media coverage harder than ever to get, The American Prize provides the visibility and recognition you and your organization need to
stand out from the rest.

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"...for the rest of us"
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David Katz
by David Katz, chief judge of The American Prize

We have just republished "A Competition for the Rest of Us", chief judge David Katz's excellent essay about the value and importance of The American Prize to build audiences and donors, help recruitment and sustain organizations and careers.

Here's an excerpt:

"We all know that excellence in the arts is not restricted to the famous names, or limited to a single city on either coast...It is not necessary to be well-connected to achieve greatness. In America, it is not location nor pedigree, but talent, love of the art, hard work and commitment that makes the difference.

"Although most of us may never win a Grammy, or a Pulitzer, a Tony or an Academy Award, or may never even be nominated, that does not mean..."

Read the rest of the article here.

Nan Harrison Washburn
And a Response:

Nan Harrison Washburn
, TAP Laureate and music director of the Michigan Philharmonic, writes in response: 

"...thank you for creating this prestigious award "for the rest of us." I can certainly attest to the importance of this kind of recognition, having been the winner in my division in 2013. It is a huge national honor and it did indeed translate into a much greater respect for my orchestra locally and probably generated more tickets sales as well!"




WHY do
SO MANY classical musicians participate multiple years in
The American Prize?

The American Prize grew from the belief that a great deal of excellent music being made in this country goes
unrecognized and unheralded, not only in our major cities, but all across the schools and churches, in colleges and universities, and by community and professional musicians.

We are gratified that many conductors apply every year--for themselves or for their ensembles--eager to win, of course, to be honored as the best in the country in their division, but also for the thoughtful, professional written feedback all finalists receive, and for the local, regional and national recognition they can obtain for their ensembles, community, organization or school. 


Winners of The American Prize receive cash awards, award certificates, and unbiased written evaluations from our national panel of distinguished judges, but more importantly, laureates of The American Prize at all levels of achievement derive local, regional and national recognition
to help generate performances, stimulate donors, build audiences, assist recruitment, and sustain programs and careers.


* No live competition. The American Prize judges recorded performance only.

* No age limits.

* Separate divisions for professional, college/university, community, or high school age artists.

* Few repertoire restrictions.

* Expert written evaluations to all contestants who rank "finalist" or higher.

* Personalized certificates to all participants.

* Personalized press releases for winners & runners-up sent to your professional contacts.

* Cash prizes up to $500.

* Published timelines for the announcement of semi-finalists, finalists and winners.

* 1-page application form.

* Low application fees.

* Not-for-profit organization.








Monday, April 7, 2014 is the postmark deadline for The American Prize for conductors, stage directors, arts administrators and ensembles. Please be sure your application is postmarked by that date.

You, your ensemble, and your students have recordings.
The American Prize wants to hear them.

Providing evaluation, recognition and reward to America's finest performing artists, ensembles and composers.  

The American Prize has awarded more than $25,000 in all categories since 2010, and has welcomed applications from 46 U.S. states, and from American citizens living around the world.
  • No age limits.
  • No live competition. 
COMPLETE information on our website:
The American Prize, 2014



Maestro Vytautas Marijosius,
namesake of The American Prize in Orchestral Programming.
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