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Do you want us to file your 2019 tax return by the April 15th deadline? If so, we must have your tax information in to our office by March 1st - for individuals (Form 1040), trusts (From 1041) and December year-end C-corporations (Form 1120). Monday, March 2nd is fine if you are dropping off at the office. Please contact your Tax Manager if you have any questions or concerns about our Office Deadlines . If your information is late, we may have to extend your return.
  • Before submitting your Organizer and Questionnaire, make sure it is complete (you can only Send to Preparer once).
  • To send additional tax documents to your Tax Manager, please use File Exchange: click the Information to CPA folder, Upload, browse your computer to find the file(s), then click Start upload. You may send multiple files to us at the same time, and we will be notified that you sent them.
  • You must sign and return the Questionnaire and the Engagement Letter each year for your individual tax prep.
  • E-signatures: if you file a joint return with your spouse, we need 2 distinct email addresses for e-signature to work, and you will each receive an emailed request to verify your identities in order to electronically sign your consent forms. Just click on DECLINE SIGNATURE if the process is not successful for both of you, or if you prefer to sign manually.
  • If you have changed cell phones and/or are having issues with Multi-Factor Authentication, please call Justin at 303-951-6044 to troubleshoot. You can also find support by clicking on the HELP button next to your name in the top right corner of your portal.
  • Please visit our website for Portal FAQ's and lots of other tax-related information!

FIRST STEP: All babies born or adopted in Colorado after January 1, 2020 are eligible to receive a $100 contribution to their CollegeInvest 529 college savings account! Parents/guardians must apply online before the child's fifth birthday. And all contributions to 529 accounts can be deducted on your CO tax return.

CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS: Did you know that if you don't itemize on your federal return, you can still get a deduction for charitable contributions on your CO tax return?

REFUND DONATIONS: Expecting a refund? New this year is the opportunity to donate all or part of your Colorado tax refund to any CO non-profit organization while completing your state tax return. Go to the ReFUND CO website for more information.
  • March 1 - Tax info to us for Individuals, December year-end C-Corporations, and Trusts (returns due April 15)
  • March 16 - Filing deadline for November year-end C-Corporation, S-Corporation, LLC and Partnership returns
  • March 31 - Tax info to us for extension calculations (extensions due April 15)
  • April 1 - Tax info to us for Non-profits (returns due May 15)

If you have been a victim of identity theft and have applied for and received an Identity Protection Pin (IP PIN) from the IRS, you should have received your IP PIN letter (Notice CP01A) for 2019. Please forward this letter to your Tax Manager so we have it when your return is ready to filed. If you have misplaced the letter, you can retrieve your IP PIN online HERE .

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