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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dear Friends of Freedom,   


Great News!  The deadline to submit letters of opposition to SB1172 was extended!  We have at least one more week to submit letters, make phone calls, and gather signatures at Change.Org on our petition!

We received a tremendous response from you, and the fax machine at the Business, Profession & Consumer Protection Committee could not handle all of the responses! THANK YOU!


To maximize the extra time we've been given, we recommend the following:

  •  If you tried to send a letter and it did not go through, keep trying, the fax lines are busy! 
  •  If you e-mailed a letter only to PJI, be sure to send it to the BP&CP Committee at Fax # (916)319-3306.
  •  If you did not send your letter, please do so between now and next Tuesday, June 19.
  •  If you sent a letter only to the main fax number, send it to all the rest of the committee members also.
  •  Encourage your friends, family members, pastors, Tea Party group, etc. to make calls and send letters.  Letters from organizations are especially helpful.


Key Fax Numbers:


Assembly Committee on Business, Professions & Consumer Protection

Fax:  (916) 319-3306

Mary Hayashi (Chair),  use fax listed above
Bill Berryhill (Vice Chair),  916-319-2126 fax
Michael Allen, 
916-319-2007 fax
Betsy Butler, 
916-319-2153 fax
Mike Eng, 
916-319-2149 fax
Curt Hagman, 
916-319-2160 fax
Jerry Hill, 
916-319-2119 fax
Fiona Ma, 
916-319-2112 fax
Cameron Smyth, 
916-319-2138 fax


If you are a therapist, counselor, or pastor currently practicing SOCE, please contact Pacific Justice immediately at (916)857-6900 and ask to speak with Matt McReynolds. 


Just imagine the multitudes of students in California today being raised in a gender-neutral culture.  The media environment is placing increased pressure on young people to indulge in a lifestyle that is contrary to their faith.  Many children are suffering sexual abuse and trauma resulting in confusion concerning sexual orientation.  This bill, SB1172, would make it illegal for these kids and teens to seek out help.  It will criminalize professionals and parents who want to help their child work through these challenging and confusing emotions.  It will blame parents, pastors, and professionals for depression, substance abuse, and suicide among teens who are confused concerning their sexual-orientation.    


Any amount you are able to give at will enable us to invest the time and resources necessary to keep you informed and keep fighting for our families in the Capitol and the courts. 


Today, your calls and faxed letters are making a difference to promote justice, protect family, and preserve faith!  Californians are awakening to the danger of this bill, and the Assembly is realizing they will have to take you seriously.

Make your voice heard, sign the petition today!


Running the Race,

 PJI Legal Team


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