December 13, 2021

Dear Mount Sinai Health Partners Colleague, 
In early November, you should have received your Patient Opportunity Reports via your practice’s OneDrive account. This patient-level spreadsheet identifies any patient with a care gap and includes all gaps for that patient including chronic condition recapture, quality and patients who have not been seen.
Upon reviewing your Patient Opportunity Report, if you find a discrepancy with colorectal cancer screening being completed in prior years (before 2021) and within the measurement acceptance period, please follow the instructions below to submit historical reports to the MSHP Quality Team by January 31, 2022. It is important to submit these reports as it will help maximize your 2021 CI Index score/incentive potential.
We expect recent colorectal cancer screening tests to be included in our value-based claims data. Therefore, screenings in 2021 should be captured and reviews of these may not be needed. 
The MSHP Quality Team will review supplemental care gap documentation such as colonoscopy reports. If the reports you submit are accepted, the open care gaps will be closed and the date of service will be added and reflected in your final calculation for 2021.
Measurement Acceptance Period
  • Colorectal cancer screening - the lookback period is ten years (2011)
Instructions to submit your historical colorectal cancer screening reports
  1. Colorectal cancer screening reports: Please name the file <PracticeName_PatientLastName_PatientDOB>
  2. Upload your colorectal cancer screening reports by January 31, 2022 “via OneDrive”:
  • File directory: MSHP Quality Report > Practice folder Name > Quality Reporting>To MSHP
After submitting the reports, they will be reviewed by the MSHP Quality Team. You will receive an email confirming whether your documentation was accepted or if further information is needed. If the Quality Team has any questions on the reports you submitted, the team will contact you by email. 

For any quality measure questions, please email the MSHP Quality Team at
Need help submitting your reports on OneDrive? Contact your Population Health Manager and/or Provider Support Specialist. Or contact us at or 877-234-6667. 

Thank you and your practice team for the commitment to your patients and value-based care excellence. 

Warm Regards,
Robert W. Fields, MD, MHA
Executive Vice President & Chief Population Health Officer
Mount Sinai Health System
Chief Medical Officer
Mount Sinai Health Partners
Arshad K. Rahim, MD, MBA, FACP
Vice President
Mount Sinai Health Partners