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If your 2019 returns have not been filed yet, here are the deadlines you need to follow:
  • August 3 is the due date for submitting your information to us for the September 15 filing deadline for LLC's and Partnerships (Form 1065), S-corporations (Form 1120S), and November/December year end C-corporations (Form 1120)
  • August 15 is the due date for submitting your information to us for the September 30 filing deadline for December year end Trusts (Form 1041)
  • September 1 is the due date for submitting your information to us for the October 15 filing deadline for individuals (Form 1040) and taxable gifts (Form 709)

Please contact your Tax Manager to make other arrangements if you are unable to meet these due dates!

We are working normal office hours and are here to assist you (masks on!), but we encourage the use of our secure portal for submitting information. See below if you need more information.
Criminals are having a field day with COVID-19 fraud, so please be wary! The opportunities are endless, and include everything from testing/tracing and health care/Medicare schemes to fake charitable organizations, to identity theft for loans and benefits. Be especially careful with suspicious websites or links posing as government entities offering stimulus payments or loans.

´╗┐Here are some reminders for protecting yourself:
  1. Never open attachments or links you are not expecting!
  2. Do not any provide personal information in response to an email, text or robocall
  3. Always verify the address, domain, and security of a legitimate organization's website
  4. Use strong, unique passwords on all your accounts and change them regularly
  5. Keep your software and apps updated

From the Department of Justice, here is a comprehensive Fraud Alert list .

  • To send additional tax documents to your Tax Manager, please use File Exchange: click the Information to CPA folder, Upload, browse your computer to find the file(s), then click Start upload. You may send multiple files to us at the same time, and we will be notified that you sent them.
  • E-signatures: if you file a joint return with your spouse, we need 2 distinct email addresses for e-signature to work, and you will each receive an emailed request to verify your identities in order to electronically sign your consent forms. Just click on DECLINE SIGNATURE if the process is not successful for both of you, or if you prefer to sign manually.
  • If you have changed cell phones and/or are having issues with Multi-Factor Authentication, please call Justin at 303-951-6044 to troubleshoot.
  • You can also find support from Toni at 303-449-3060 or Katie at 303-951-6020, or by clicking on the HELP button next to your name in the top right corner of your portal.
  • Please visit our website for Portal FAQ's and lots of other tax-related information!

Our office will be closed on September 4th and September 7th for Labor Day

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