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   Extension Deadlines!

We hope you're all having a delightful summer and have more exciting things to think about besides taxes! However, if we haven't filed your tax returns yet, it's time to get us all your tax information. Our office deadlines to submit your documents for extended returns are as follows:
  • July 17 - for the August 15 filing deadline for corporations with fiscal year ending November 30
  • August 15 - for the September 15 filing deadline for LLC's, partnerships and S-corporations
  • September 15 - for the October 16 filing deadline for individuals
Accountant Tip of the Month

This new series will feature one of our accountants with some helpful insider tips!

Are My Social Security Benefits Taxable?
by Carol Bailiff, CPA

A few clients have asked this question, "Are my social security benefits going to be
taxable?" My answer - it depends!  How much other income do you have? Consider not only all taxable income, but non-taxable as well.  So my answer "it depends" is based on the total of the amount of your adjusted gross income plus nontaxable interest plus one half of your social security benefits.   READ MORE

Carol is a Senior Tax Manager  and has been with our firm since 2002.  Besides her awesome accounting skills, she is also distinguished for offering pet therapy at local hospitals.  

And smiles from Mark...
A Funny Thing about our nation: July 4 is American's birthday, 
but April 15 is when it collects its presents.

From The American Legion Magazine, July 2017

Nancy Carter
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