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Social media health advice gets scrambled
Social media scrambles the egg health message
It's yet another scrambled-up Internet health theory that never dies: How your shoppers cook their eggs could be killing them. Farmer Goes to Market's regular monitoring of social-media health punditry descrambles the message for you. You won't believe how far off they are.
Food elitism rears its head...again
Is organic all about the snob appeal?
Has organic become this season's new designer label? These researchers think so, arguing eco- and health-conscious food shoppers may be attracted to it for other than health purposes. Here are some implications for the grocer when eating like the common folk has become the new luxury.
Why do farmers use so many Mexican laborers_
Why do farmers depend so much on Mexican labor?
As talk of building an impervious wall between Mexico and the United States spooks some farm groups, our "Why Do Farmers Do That?" series takes a political turn: Why hire so much Mexican labor?
Is another turkey shortage on the horizon_
Should you be prepping for the next poultry shortage?
It's ba-aaa-ack: Avian flu. Should grocery retailers be preparing to anticipate another poultry shortage? Farmer Goes to Market breaks down the numbers. 
Raising year-round citrus on the High Plains
Want to see the miracle of modern farming? Watch
Watch as Alliance farmer Russ Finch demonstrates the greenhouse he designed and built using circulating geothermal heat to successfully brave Nebraska winters and grow hundreds of pounds of citrus fruit every year on an energy cost of $1 a day!   
Heartwarming stories from the wildfires
Touching correspondence from the fire's front lines
Neighboring Ashland, Kan., rancher and horseman Garth Gardner received overwhelming support from the community after he and his family were forced to scramble to save their homes, ranches and animals from one of the worst wildfires in state history. But what he received one morning in an  unmarked envelope  with no return address left him in tears.
Nebraska has a lot to celebrate!
Kathy_s Commentary Thanks to the hard work and innovative practices of our farmers and ranchers, Nebraska is one of the top-producing agriculture states in the country. We are grateful for their many contributions to our lives and economy, and their commitment to ensuring a strong future for all of us.
One in four Nebraska jobs is tied to agriculture. Our state ranks No. 1 in beef exports and the production of red meat, popcorn, and great northern beans, and is among the top states for cattle, corn and soybeans. Nebraska ranks No. 2 in the country for ethanol production at more than 2 billion gallons. This fuel source is a sought-after alternative for consumers and retailers. Because of producers' daily dedication, Nebraska is a leader in feeding the world.
We thank our farmers and ranchers for their continued hard work, for their vision in knowing how to feed the world, and for their care of the land. We are truly grateful for all they do
- Kathy Siefken, Executive Director

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