Deaf Mentor Program News
July 2021
SPAN Deaf Mentor Spotlight
Tara Invidiato is one of our Snapshot Mentors.Tara is a DeafBlind individual who utilizes ASL, spoken language, and written English to communicate. She also utilizes interpreters to communicate with hearing individuals. Tara is on the Board of Directors for the American Association of the DeafBlind and is an advocate, teacher, and consultant in New Jersey and across the nation.

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Photo description: Still shot of Tara Invidiato standing in front of a tan wall with a transparent white banner across the bottom of the photo with text that reads: Snapshots Deaf Mentor Tara Invidiato.. She has red hair and is wearing sunglasses and a black V-neck top. 

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A recorded library of online American Sign Language classes will be available in the fall to all of our Deaf Mentor Program Families.
Hearing First
Hearing First organization will host a series of webinars led by Dr. Carol Flexer, CCC-A, LSLS Cert. AVT
The topics of the webinars are:
Knowing What Your Child Can Hear (August 25th)
What's Possible with Hearing Technologies Today (September 8th)
How Remote Microphones Make a Difference (October 6th)
Talk, Read, Sing: Grow Your Child's Brain (November 3rd)
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SKI-HI Deaf Mentor Training
SPAN Deaf Mentor Program will be hosing a SKI-HI Deaf Mentor Training (VIRTUAL) on October 8,9,10,16 & 17.
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