Deaf Mentor Program News
September 2022
SPAN Deaf Mentor Spotlight
Gavin Morrobel has Usher Syndrome Type 1B. He was born profoundly deaf, is legally blind due to an eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa that will continue to cause him to lose more vision, and has severe balance issues. He has bilateral cochlear implants and uses listening and spoken language to communicate. Gavin is a freshman at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Gavin is a Paralympic swimmer who has won National Championships and holds American records in his main event, the 100-meter backstroke. 

Gavin Morrobel's Story: In this YouTube video, Gavin shares his life experience with Usher syndrome as he speaks about his advocacy story as a youth. This is an in-depth view of a young adult who advocates through school and other parts of life.

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Photo description: Portrait of Gavin wearing blue graduation apparel and smiling at the camera
Event Spotlight: ASL Story Time for Kids
LSL Corner
All About Audiology
"AllAboutAudiology" is a podcast hosted by Dr. Lilach Saperstein, an audiologist helping parents and teachers of children with hearing loss, or anyone interested in hearing health, to understand audiology topics. On the podcast, we explore how hearing works and discuss tools for becoming empowered advocates.
"My child can hear but doesn't understand!"
"Is my child deaf?"
"Should I use sign language?"
"Do I need a hearing aid?"
"Should I get my hearing tested?"
"Pros and cons of cochlear implants"
"What are ear tubes?"
Every other week, in the All About YOU segment, Dr. Saperstein answers your questions about anything from ear infections and tubes to deciding on cochlear implant surgery, deaf education, and sign language.
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Described & Captioned Media Program
DCMP educates students with sensory disabilities, along with their parents and teachers. Their major network-produced, educational content is carefully customized to serve the needs of K-12 students, as well as adult students studying to meet the needs of blind and deaf students.

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