March 14, 2019
The Pilot's Manual: Airline Transport Pilot
Becoming an airline pilot demands a well-rounded candidate—someone skilled in the operation and handling of aircraft who is of the utmost professional and moral character. The latest book in The Pilot's Manual Series , Airline Transport Pilot, covers the technical areas of becoming an airline pilot and highlights what it means to be an aviation professional.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) outlines the content required by the Airline Transport Pilot – Certification Training Program (ATP-CTP). The ATP-CTP ground school must be completed prior to taking the FAA ATP knowledge exam needed to earn an ATP certificate. This book covers all the topics required by the ATP-CTP, and provides practical advice on topics pertinent to a newly-hired airline pilot including aerodynamics with a focus on high altitude operations, stall prevention and recovery, safety culture, and much more.

This book can be used in academic advanced jet transition training courses to help students prepare for their transition to the airlines. Review questions conclude each chapter.

Hardcover, 8.375" x 10.875", 200 pages. Available in print and eBundle formats.

The ATP Syllabus (eBook only) is the companion curriculum to this new textbook, providing a flight and ground training course for ATP applicants and complies with the FAA ATP CTP requirements.
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