January 20, 2020
Guide to the Flight Review
New Eighth Edition
A new edition of Guide to the Flight Review: For Pilots and Instructors is now available. This eighth edition has been updated to reflect current rules and procedures and offers current FAA guidance on flight reviews. Information pertinent to today's operational environment has been added, including human factors, risk management, FAA certification standards, loss-of-control and upset recovery, ADS-B, Remote Pilots and drones.

All pilots, whether they fly for pleasure, business, or as a career, must complete a flight review every 2 years. G uide to the Flight Review delivers valuable information in a question and answer format, providing an excellent study and preparation tool for students, pilots, and instructors alike. Flight instructors and FAA authorized flight review administrators will find this guide to be extremely helpful in developing a well-rounded flight review tailored to the applicants' needs. Applicants will learn what to expect in their upcoming flight review, refresh their knowledge, and renew their confidence, all of which will ensure safe practices while in flight.

Softcover, 5-1/4" x 8-1/4", 208 pages, black and white. Returns of unused, unsold copies of ASA-OEG-BFR7 will be accepted  from distributors only  through March 31st, 2020.

Orders will begin shipping in January!

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ISBN 978-1-61954-923-4
Guide to the Flight Review (Baker's Dozen)
ISBN 978-1-61954-923-4
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