March 19, 2020
For a Limited Time:
Prepware Online and Online Ground School Prices Reduced
Prepware School FREE to Qualifying Schools
In light of changes impacting the training community as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, ASA is offering schools, instructors, and students ways to continue their study while still practicing safe distance recommendations. ASA's online training products simplify distance learning, providing instructor tools to oversee student remote ground school progress.

The ability to study and exchange information remotely should relieve some of the burden students and educators are experiencing during this difficult time. ASA is offering discounts to help our customers gear up quickly with distance learning solutions, to include Prepware School and supporting student products.

 These offers are effective immediately and will expire May 31, 2020 .
Prepware School (ASA-TWO-SCL-D)
Regularly $295.00

Available for FREE to schools that qualify. This product allows schools and instructors to monitor student progress and issue testing remotely.
  • How to Order - To find out if your customer is eligible for this offer, please contact your ASA Distributor.
Prepware Online (ASA-TWO-SCL-SD)
Regularly $39.95

Price reduced to $19.95 . This product is the student component to Prepware School. It allows a student to study and take exams remotely, and for their progress to be monitored by their instructors at participating schools.
Regularly $179.95

Regularly $199.95

$100.00 off regular price. These online courses combine sharp video production and the latest instructional aids with the expertise and experience of ASA’s industry-leading eBooks and test preparation materials for a comprehensive, convenient aviation ground school program.

NOTE: These are digital delivery products only. They DO NOT come with a notebook. The Online Ground School products that include the notebook (ASA-GS-PVT-X and ASA-GS-I-X) are included below for reference, and are still available at full price.
Product Information
Suggested List Price
Until May 31, 2020
(to qualifying schools)
(ASA-GS-PVT) NO Notebook
(ASA-GS-I) NO Notebook
Private Pilot Online Ground School
(ASA-GS-PVT-X) Includes Notebook
Contact Your Distributor for This Product.
Instrument Pilot Online Ground School
(ASA-GS-I-X) Includes Notebook
Contact Your Distributor for This Product.
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