Financial betrayal, also known as financial infidelity, can destroy the trust on which a marriage is built. It can be as hurtful as romantic infidelity and have ramifications that impact the future of both spouses and their children. This month, we invite you to read two articles about the options couples have when facing financial betrayal. The first discusses how a postnuptial agreement can help couples who want to rebuild trust and save their marriage. The second discusses how, for those who choose to divorce, the Collaborative Divorce process provides the legal, emotional, and financial support needed in the face of financial betrayal.

At Vacca Family Law Group, we strive to help clients meet unexpected challenges and find creative solutions that allow them to move forward to a better life after divorce. We’d love to talk to you more about how we can help.

~ Andrea Vacca, Collaborative Attorney and Mediator
Dealing with Financial Betrayal?
What Options Do Couples Have?
Financial Betrayal might stem from a drug or gambling addiction that leaves you in debt. It could be caused by hidden tax issues or even a failed business. When one partner is dishonest about major financial issues, it triggers anger and deep distrust that can easily destroy a marriage.
Looking to Save Your Marriage after Financial Betrayal? A Postnuptial Agreement Can Preserve Your Relationship and Your Peace of Mind.
Some spouses engage in couples counseling after the disclosure of financial betrayal and decide to give the marriage another chance. For those couples, we highly recommend Postnuptial Agreements that help set the terms that will create a sense of security. We offer an article on how Postnuptial Agreements can help secure your future so you can focus on strengthening your marriage.
How Collaborative Divorce Protects Your Interests and Helps You Find Financial and Emotional Security in the Wake of Financial Betrayal
Other couples, however, realize that the marriage is irretrievably broken and that they need to divorce. If this describes you or someone you care about, you need to know that even with all the powerful negative emotions at play, couples facing financial betrayal can still have a non-adversarial divorce and keep it out of court. We share an article that will help you and your spouse move on by finding ways to rebuild trust with the help of a Collaborative Divorce Team.
Work with Attorneys Who are Prepared to Respect and Protect Your Interests

When dealing with financial betrayal, you deserve to have an attorney who understands the situation, can explain your options, and guide you to your best life.

Vacca Family Law Group is committed to protecting our clients’ full range of interests, whether legal, financial, relational, or emotional. For many couples, we believe the collaborative divorce process will provide the most productive method of reaching agreements that work for all members of the family going forward. To discuss how the process might work in your situation, we invite you to contact us for a confidential consultation.
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At Vacca Family Law Group, we help clients dissolve their marriages without litigation. With discretion, elevated service, and a flexible approach, we specialize in finding creative (and sometimes unconventional) solutions that are right for each client’s unique situation.

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