October 2020
Dealing with Homelessness on Trails

Homelessness on trails is a growing problem across the country. The city of Modesto, California used innovative solutions to tackle this issue.

Sometimes All it Takes is One Volunteer
Stefis Demetropoulos of the Florida Forest Service tells the story of how one volunteer can make a difference. (Sponsored Content)
Proper Signage Makes a Trail Come Alive
From wayfinding signage that helps the public navigate your trail, to informational signs that educate trail visitors about the area, promote conservation, and create a more interactive experience, proper signage can take trails to the next level. (Sponsored Content) Read more…
Teaching Kids to be Great Trail Stewards
Our trails have been seeing increasing misuse, so to combat that American Trails has created a packet to teach kids to be great trail stewards.
The Best Pants for Trail Work

We asked you to give us your recommendations for durable pants that can withstand trail work. These are the results. Read more…
Send in Your Costume Pictures for our 3rd Annual Costume Contest

It's the spooky season, and that means time to put on your costume and hit the trail! Send us your outdoor costume pictures and win cool prizes. Read more...
The National Recreation Trail (NRT) Annual Photo Contest Needs Your Photos
Time to highlight the incredible and diverse trails in our nation! We are accepting NRT photo contest entries until December 15, 2020. Read more...
2020 Coalition for Recreational Trails Annual Achievement Awards
Join the Coalition for Recreational Trails in celebrating the 2020 Tom Petri Annual Achievement Awards! Every year, this award program recognizes top notch trail projects that used Recreational Trails Program funds. We hope you will join us for the virtual 2020 celebration! Read more...
Resources and Training

2021 Trails and Outdoor Recreation Summit (TORS) Update: New Fall 2021 Dates
With COVID-19 still being very much on the forefront in so many countries, including the United States, we have decided to push back the 2021 TORS to the Fall of 2021 (from the originally scheduled Spring dates of May 2021). The new 2021 TORS dates will be September 13-17, 2021. Read more…

Equestrian Etiquette - Protecting Trees and Park Structures
Responsible equestrians should actively protect trees and other park structures when out on the trail. Equine expert Lora Goerlich gives her take on this topic. Read more...

MO-MOTO OHV Incorporated – OHV Tourism Economic Impact Overview
OHV recreation is a proven financial stimulus to the tourism market with the average rider spending a minimum of $100 on a single day trip. We should encourage struggling areas to embrace OHV tourism as we have the opportunity to directly impact and benefit financial success of local businesses. Read more…

Trail Tools: Survey, Layout, and Measuring Tools
These are the most commonly used Survey, Layout, and Measuring Tools with tips on using them safely and effectively. Read more...

Landowner Outreach and Trail Planning
The most important part of the planning process is building relationships with the people affected by the proposed trail and its potential users. Read more...

Training Calendar and Volunteer Opportunities
Check out our training calendar for upcoming conferences and events. You can also find volunteer opportunities here. If you have an opportunity for us to post, please email trailhead@americantrails.org.
Seeking Learning Credits?
American Trails offers learning credits for our Advancing Trails Webinar Series, our International Trails Symposium and Training Institute, and other trail-related conferences, workshops, and webinars. Read more...
Featured Trail Industry Manufacturer: Eco-Counter
With over 15 years of experience, Eco-Counter is the global leader in pedestrian and cyclist counting solutions. Learn more about this company…

Featured Trail Job: Fundraiser/Project Planner For the Appalachian Forest National Heritage Area
The objective is to plan for the development of a volunteer trail maintenance program that will support well-maintained mountain biking and hiking trails to attract recreational tourism. This is an economic development project to benefit the counties of Nicholas, Pocahontas, and Webster, West Virginia.
Advancing Trails Webinar Series
October 2020 Webinar Line-up

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