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Dealing With Acidic Attitudes:
Help for Your Managers!
Every workplace has negative people who erode morale. They’re not always easy to pick out of a crowd, but they can do an amazing amount of damage over time.

Most of the time, these folks don’t make the big mistakes that call attention to themselves. They’re frequently pretty good at their jobs, so they’re not called on the carpet too often.

But like a virus running in the background of a computer program, their acidic personalities eat away at the goals and ultimately the bottom line of the company week after week, year after year.
The Stakes Are Too High To Let Things Slide!
Who Are These People?
They are the employees who...
  • continually find things to complain about and exaggerate the seriousness of co-workers’ mistakes

  • spread gossip and start rumors that pit employees against each other

  • talk behind co-workers’ backs, and

  • undermine supervisors’ authority with a never-ending flow of criticism that stays under-the-radar so it’s rarely recognized and corrected.
Looking For Answers?
4 key questions...

  • What’s the impact of the employee’s behavior?

  • How do the person’s actions differ from the standards set for overall employee behavior?

  • What’s the effect of this individual’s behavior on the people who work with him/her?

  • If this person acted according to our accepted standards, could it make a difference in morale and productivity?
Here for You & Open for Business!
Everyone has one or more employees with an acidic attitude that erodes morale and has a toxic effect on work culture. Managers should identify the actions of negative people and make it clear those actions will no longer be tolerated.

Establishing policy is a solid first step; it creates a good framework. However, along with good policy, managers can benefit from practical advice that gets results day to day on the front lines! It is helpful for managers to have one-on-one coaching sessions to cover these points.
Alternative HRD can help!

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develop , train , coach and support your leadership team.

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