August 2020

Bulldog Families,

Welcome New and Returning Families! I'm very excited for the start of a new year in Bulldog Nation. For families of our incoming students, I want to welcome you to the Dean College family. We are incredibly thrilled for what lies ahead for your students during their tenure in Bulldog Nation. During New Student Orientation I referenced a partnership between the College, students and families. As a part of these connections I will offer monthly newsletters to keep the community abreast of highlights, events and approaching deadlines. Below are informational updates for both new and returning families. While none of us could have predicted the challenges that COVID19 would present to our country and the world just a few short months ago, at Dean, we continue to focus on moving forward and creating a memorable experience for our students. We have witnessed an inspirational social justice movement, Black Lives Matter, stressing the need for equality and unity every day. These historical events and many more assist in building critical tools of resiliency, advocacy, problem solving and empowerment that will serve students well during their college years and beyond. While the terms 'unprecedented' and the 'new normal' remain part of our daily vernacular, we are steadfast in our preparation for a successful and engaging academic and social semester, albeit in a virtual environment. We look forward to watching your students grow, providing support and encouragement and celebrating their accomplishments along the way.

Let's Go Bulldogs!
Dave Drucker
Assistant Vice President,
Student Life & Dean of Students
Bulldog Beginnings- The Kickoff is Near!

Get ready for Bulldog Beginnings! On Tuesday, September 8th we are hosting a program designed specifically for first year students to provide important information and resources to assist them as they enter Bulldog Nation. Students will participate in academic and social sessions in both large and small groups. This program will be live. In order to accommodate the various time zones our students will be participating in from, it will run multiple times during the day on September 8th. Students will receive an email to their Dean College email to sign up for a time that best suits their schedule. We ask that all students be available at 7pm Eastern Daylight Time on September 8th to participate in a session with the entire first year class. The goal of this session is to get the class connected with one another, and allow students to spend time getting to know each other. We do ask that students hold the entire day on September 8th for this fun and engaging program. A full schedule, and descriptions of the sessions will be available two weeks prior to Bulldog Beginnings.
Health Services: All students must Waive or Enroll in the College offered plan at the start of each academic year

The College will once again offer Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts through Academic Health Plans. The cost of the insurance for the full academic year is $1919 and will be active August 1, 2020 through July 31, 2021.

ALL STUDENTS MUST either enroll or waive the student health insurance at the beginning of each academic year! The charge will remain on the student’s bill until action is taken. You can waive or enroll in the insurance at The link will be available until September 15. As Dean College will be in a virtual environment for the fall semester there will be additional flexibility in standards for waiving the insurance so long as the student has comparable coverage in the location in which they are studying. 

Comparable coverage as defined by the Massachusetts Health Connector is defined as (1) “reasonably comprehensive coverage of health services, including preventive and primary care, emergency services, surgical services, hospitalization benefits, ambulatory patient services, mental health services, and prescription drugs”; and (2) access to those covered services is “reasonably accessible to the Student in the area where the Student attends School.” See 956 CMR 8.05(2)(a)

Dean College will reopen the opportunity for coverage for the Spring Semester as a qualifying event. Students living on campus for the Spring, whose insurance is non-compliance with Massachusetts regulations, will be required to purchase the plan at a cost of $1,119 and the coverage will be active January 1, 2021 through July 31, 2021.

If you reside outside of Massachusetts and have the College offered coverage, you can find a health care provider by accessing or calling 1-800-810-BLUE. If you are outside of the United States, please visit or call 1-800-810-BLUE (2583) for a list of BlueCard (national network) or BlueCard Worldwide participating providers. For additional information on insurance benefits please visit

As a member of BC/BS there is a 24/7 Nurse Care Line – 1-888-247-2583 and Well Connection 24/7, which is a telehealth service offering live video visits using your smartphone, tablet or computer for Medical and Behavioral Health appointments. 

Although not on campus please continue to practice preventative measures for contracting the virus as provided by the CDC:
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • If traveling by plane or public transit, sanitize seat, armrests and tray with disinfecting wipes.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Stay home if you are sick.
  • Seek medical care if you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
  • Get adequate rest.
  • Stay well-hydrated.
Student ID's- 'Boomer Say Cheese!'

Reminder to students and families that it is still very important for all new students to submit their photo through the enrollment portal. We will use this picture for all of our class rosters through the MyCourses platform for faculty and staff. Additionally, the College will use this picture to print your official Dean College ID Card for the future. Please make sure to follow all parameters for the picture prior to submission. Students will be contacted if the picture does not meet the standard for any reason. If you have any questions please contact Steve Girard, Campus Safety Manager at 508.541.1686. Thanks and say Cheese!

Robbins Family Center for Advising & Career Planning- Student Schedules

Virtual events are happening! Life might have shifted a bit for the semester, but our workshops and events are continuing weekly. Students should visit Today@Dean and DEAN CareerLink often for workshops on resume writing, LinkedIn, Effective Communication and more. Additionally, the Opportunities Fair showcasing internships, graduate schools, full-time and part-time positions will be virtual in November with a video chat feature for students to discuss their qualifications with potential employers.

There are plenty of opportunities to engage one-on-one as well! This upcoming semester, Success and Career Advisors will outreach and schedule meetings with students just as we usually would. We look forward to connecting!

As the summer wraps up, please encourage your student to review their schedule on Student Planning; directions on how to view their schedule and find required textbooks were sent to your student's Dean College email last week. They can reach out to their Success and Career Advisor with any questions or concerns or email us at [email protected]. 

Text Books, E-books and Dean Swag!- Bookstore FAQ's

1.      How do I place an online order at the Dean Bookstore?

 The bookstore’s website can be accessed at
2. What do I do once I get to the website?
  •  Click the “textbook” link at the top of the bookstore’s website,
  • Use the drop-down menus to choose your term and course and click “find your course material”
  •  Select the course materials you need for each course and click “add to bag”
  • When you are finished adding items to your bag click “view bag and checkout”
  • Follow the steps to enter your payment information

3.      What are my textbook options?

Textbooks are available as new, used, rental or digital formats. The bookstore has been working throughout the summer to make as many titles available in digital format as possible to complement the increased numbers of online course this fall.

4.      How do I rent textbooks?
Search for your course and section, select the rental items available for your course, and add them to your shopping cart. During checkout you’ll be prompted to provide rental collateral
(E.g. a credit card) and sign the rental agreement. Completing the rental agreement signifies your commitment to returning your rental books back by the check-in date.
 5.  What is the bookstore’s return policy?

Textbooks/Course Materials:
  • Refunds are given for Course Materials returned or postmarked before September 16, 2020
  • Course Materials purchased after September 16, 2020 must be returned within 7 business days of purchase for a full refund.
  • To support the delivery of digital content to you, a non refundable digital delivery fee is applied to each digital material.

6.      Which Methods of payments are accepted at the bookstore?

  • Online customers can pay using credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay and Financial Aid.

7.      How do I return my rentals back to the bookstore?
  •  Login into your rental account at Click on the icon that resembles a head. Your email address should be the user ID and whatever password you chose. Once logged in, click rental check-in. Click on the books you're returning then print out the packing slip for the rental books you would like to check-in.

·       Mail to: Dean College Bookstore- 9 Emmons Street, Franklin MA 02038

Academic Coaching

Registration for fall Academic Coaching is ongoing. For those not familiar, Academic Coaches provide individualized, one-on-one learning support in the areas of time management, organization, note-taking, study strategies, writing and test preparation. Academic Coaches build on students’ strengths while addressing areas of challenge.

Academic Coaching will occur remotely for the fall semester. All Academic Coaches have been trained on Microsoft TEAMS, MyWCOnline, MyCourses and various other online learning platforms. Academic Coaches will support students as they navigate these online delivery systems. By way of one-on-one meetings with their Academic Coaches, students will be able to review specific strategies to better prepare, engage, and succeed in their online courses.

Students can register at any time for Academic Coaching by going to The cost of academic coaching remains $850 per semester for one hour each week; and $850 for each additional hour per week, per semester. Students may enroll in up to 5 hours per week.

If you have any questions about Academic Coaching for the fall, please email [email protected]. We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.
Housing for Spring 2021
The Office of Residence Life will be looking at housing assignments for the spring semester beginning in December. First year students will not be required to complete an additional housing application. Information provided for the fall semester will be rolled over to the spring semester.
Residence Life will continue providing programming opportunities to students to engage in large and small group settings so students can feel an integral part of our residential community. If students have any questions or need information changed for the spring semester please don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime at [email protected]

Students are reminded for the spring semester that unless approved by the Office of Residence Life to change to commuter status, they must live on campus as housing is guaranteed during their tenure at the College.
Commuter students must live with immediate family or an approved guardian and confirmed via documentation by the Office of Residence Life.
Student Activities- Game On!

The Student Activities and Leadership Development (SALD) office is excited for a unique, virtual semester consisting of programming for Bulldog Nation! The purpose of our programming is to keep every student at Dean involved in activities to complement their online classes. Students will be able to learn more about all of our Student Organizations offerings starting the week of September 14th with our virtual Student Organization Fair via Flipgrid.

Events throughout the semester will include interactive games (with prizes sent directly to students!), open discussions around regional and national issues facing college students, watch parties for sporting events and popular streaming services and much more.
The Campus Recreation department will keep everyone active with at-home workouts, wellness exercises and fitness challenges. Our Leadership Series will focus on life and study skills on how to be effective learners remotely. 

The first month of the fall semester will have a special focus on relationship building through video chats and open dialogues with fellow students and staff members to ensure every student feels like they are part of the Dean community. As both incoming and returning students look to make connections with one another, SALD will offer social media opportunities, traditional Student Activities Committee (SAC) events, along with innovative initiatives from our 30+ Student Organizations.

Student should continue to check the student portal Today@Dean 'Events' section daily to see upcoming activities. For additional information on all events and programs, student can follow DeanCollegeCampusLife on both Facebook and Instagram. Let's Go Bulldogs!

Student Financial Planning
  • Fall bills are due August 14. Students and parents can view their electronic bill, make a payment or set up a payment plan at
  • Staff are reaching out to students via email and phone regarding any necessary paperwork that is outstanding for fall. Please be sure to check your Dean email inbox regularly so you can enroll in the fall semester without delays!
  • Students with a credit balance on their account and who have submitted all necessary financial aid paperwork for the fall will be able to access up to $600 of their fall credit balance in a Dean College Bookstore credit beginning Friday, August 7
  • All students need to enroll in the college health insurance or opt out by submitting a health insurance waiver at
  • Student Financial Planning can be reached at [email protected] or at 508-541-1518.
Let's Talk About It- Counseling Services

Have we crossed over into the twilight zone?

The last several months, I have often felt this way!                

Covid-19 has certainly wreaked havoc on our lives! Many things just don’t feel the same, including college! Although the fall semester will be different, there are things we can do to make it a positive experience for students both academically and socially. Here are some tips to help your student gear up and get motivated for the start of the semester. 

Stick to your back to school traditions! How do you prepare for a new school year? Do you buy some new clothes? Get a haircut? Buy new school supplies? These traditions have become an important part of our lives, they remind us summer is ending, provide a sense of excitement for the upcoming school year and prepare us for the transition ahead. 

Reset your internal clock- Covid-19 has impacted our daily routine and it will be important to get your sleep cycle back on track. A couple of weeks before the semester starts, go to bed at a reasonable time, set your alarm for the morning, make it early enough to get up, shower and have breakfast before classes start.  

Sundays are for scheduling- Sunday night is a great time to sit down and plan for the week. Look at the week ahead, prioritize assignments, activities and enter them into your planner, make a daily “to do list” so you feel prepared for the week ahead.

Give your brain a rest- Unplug! Put down the video games, get off tik tok and snapchat! Think about how you will create a distraction free environment so you can focus and be 100% engaged in your classes.

Take a closer look- Identify the areas remote learning could be a struggle for you, make a plan for how you will manage these challenges. Identify your supports at home and familiarize yourself with the support services Dean provides for students. Knowing these resources ahead of time is a pro-active approach to problem solving and reducing anxiety.

Make connections- Check out the virtual activities the College will be providing, connect with other Dean students online, reach out to your advisor and professors to introduce yourself, ask questions! 

Leave your worries behind- This is a new experience for all of us and we will get through it together!

If you are interested in learning more about Dean College Counseling Services,e-mail MaryAnn Silvestri, Director of Counseling Services at [email protected].  
Calendar Planning

When seeking information about Dean College calendar dates, please use the Official Academic Calendar that is listed on under the Academics tab. Please do not use Google or other internet search engines for the calendar as it is likely to produce outdated and incorrect information.
Our BRAVE Community: Title IX and Interpersonal Violence Training

In May 2020, pursuant to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, the Department of Education issued new regulations governing schools’ response to certain types of sexual misconduct. Effective August 14, 2020, those regulations require all colleges to use specific procedures in response to reports of what the Department calls sexual harassment – a term the department uses to cover all types of sexual misconduct that are addressable under Title IX. Based on these changes we have updated our Title IX Policies. We encourage all students and family members to review these policies by going to

As part of our commitment to building a safe and respectful community through the acronym BRAVE (Bulldogs Rise Advocates for Violence Education), and in conjunction with our grant through the Department of Justice, Violence Against Women Act, all new students will take part in an interactive training which discusses the critical importance of consent, respect and serving as active bystanders. Students will receive this training in their Dean email with the subject line 'U Got This'. This topic of bystander education will be continued in Bulldog Beginnings and is all part of a larger series of programming dedicated to the eradication of interpersonal violence.
Service to the Community

Giving back to our community is more important now than ever. The Office of Orientation & Community Service will be offering ways that students can virtually volunteer in their community over the course of the semester. Students are encouraged to register their service at so we know all of the good that our Bulldogs are doing!
Dean Resources
As always, please feel free to reach out to any of our offices if we can be of further support to you or your student.

Advising and Career Planning: 508.541.1536
Athletics: 508.541.1816
Campus Safety: 508.541.1888 
Center for Student Financial Planning and Services: 508.541.1518
Dining Services: 508.541.1564
Health Services: 508.541.1600
Morton Family Learning Center: 508.541.1768
Residence Life: 508.541.1838