VP for Health Affairs and
College of Medicine Newsletter
March 2018
Congratulations to our newly appointed 
VP of Health Affairs and
Dean, College of Medicine,
Dr. Elisabeth Young '85!
Dear Students, Faculty and Staff, 

It is an exciting time in the College of Medicine as transformation is taking a variety of forms: curriculum design and delivery, research innovation, and admissions process contemporization. In addition, we are embarking upon a strategic planning process to position the College of Medicine to be anticipatory and responsive to the continuous changes in healthcare delivery.
Our new mission statement will play a critical role in strategic and operational process development, and our in depth LCME self-study and upcoming accreditation site visit will assist in prioritization of resources. The mission statement outlines our fundamental purpose.  It will serve as our foundational center. 

NEOMED College of Medicine, through education, research and public service,
inspires medical students to become exemplary patient care centered physicians.
We seek to improve the health and quality of life of the communities of Ohio
and beyond, including those both diverse and underserved.  

The core of the College of Medicine is to train exemplary physicians to care for patients in an ever-changing healthcare environment. It is this core that attracts students, retains outstanding faculty, provides educational differentiation, and connects NEOMED alumni coast to coast. 

This Dean's Message showcases our wonderful students and the unique experiences that engage them at NEOMED. The featured students exemplify the mission and philosophy of our college and provide only a small sampling of the many amazing students representing NEOMED today. 

I am honored to have been recently named VP for Health Affairs and Dean of the College of Medicine at the same institution where I was once a student. I have a deep devotion to NEOMED and will work tirelessly to transform and sustain our College of Medicine now and for future students. 

Thank you for joining me in supporting the College of Medicine and all the people who contribute to this special community. Together, we will imagine the future of healthcare and seek innovative ways to bring them to reality.

Elisabeth H. Young, M.D.
Vice President for Health Affairs
Dean, College of Medicine
Salute to our Students
SOAR Student Run Free Clinic
SOAR was recently named Free Clinic of the Year by the Ohio Association of Free Clinics. On Feb. 3, Dr. Young visited SOAR and had the opportunity to meet with and observe the students and faculty who run the clinic.

" I am so proud of this student conceived and student-led effort. The work being done here and the recognition SOAR has received is reflective of the amazing, passionate, and dedicated students of our university."

One year ago, NEOMED College of Medicine and College of Pharmacy students opened the SOAR Student-Run Free Clinic to provide quality health care, free of cost, to underserved residents of Portage County.
Student Highlight: Stephen Grossi, M1
When asked what the most exciting part of medical school has been so far, M1 student Stephen Grossi said, "Getting accepted!"

Stephen, from Waynesburg, OH, always wanted to go into medicine, but his path to NEOMED wasn't a direct one. Prior to starting at NEOMED this past fall, Stephen was a naval submarine officer for six years.

He now spends his time on campus and in the NEW Center studying before heading home to his family including his wife and three children- ages three and under. While juggling his responsibilities is challenging, he said that they are far different than "spending 6 months at a time on a submarine" and that he couldn't do it all without the support of his wife, family and friends. 

Several faculty have made an impact on Stephen so far, including Dr. Jesse Young, Dr. Chris Vinyard and Dr. Dana Peterson. "Their explanations in anatomy and histology have really helped solidify my knowledge. Dr. Spalding has been exceptional in helping with the enrollment pathway- I'm looking forward to continue to work with her."

His family isn't the only group supporting his goal of becoming a physician.

"There are a lot of people back in the Waynesburg community, where I grew up, that have been looking forward to me being here" said Stephen. "I have been talking about medical school since high school. I'm doing this for all of them as well."  
Student Highlight: Tanner Mathews, M2
"I am extremely happy and grateful to be at NEOMED, I love the faculty and students here", said Tanner Mathews of his NEOMED experience. Tanner was accepted as part of the Hiram partnership program.

"NEOMED was in my backyard, I really liked the campus, so it was a no brainer for me to come here," said Tanner, who is from Alliance, OH.

His interest in medicine stems from his brother, who also wanted to be a physician. Growing up, Tanner had other aspirations "I wanted to be a professional soccer player."

While soccer didn't work out, medicine did, and he is now in his second year. "M2 has been great. You have a lot more freedom, you are able to figure out a schedule that works best for you." He is looking forward to new experiences in M3, especially patient interaction.

Tanner said one faculty member in particular has made an impression on him.

"Dr. Zarconi is someone I really look up to- he's one of the smartest people I've met, but even more, he's one of the kindest people I've ever met. He genuinely cares about the students."

Tanner is not only committed to medical school, he's also committed to his country as a member of the navy. "I grew up around veterans- I always respected veterans- I wanted to follow in their footsteps, and I thought what better way to do that than as a physician." 
Tanner anticipates a military residency after graduation followed by three years of additional service. Until then, he's looking forward to all medical school has to offer.
  • Evita Singh, College of Medicine Class of 2018, won first place for a poster she presented in Columbus at the 13th Annual All Ohio Institute on Community Psychiatry. Singh co-wrote her poster, "Implementation of Crisis Intervention Teams in Ohio: An Update and Directions for Future Research" with Natalie Bonfine, Ph.D., Ruth Simera, M.Ed., LSW, Mark R. Munetz, M.D., and Christian Ritter, Ph.D.
  • M3 student, Monzer Haj-Hamed was awarded the NEOMED COM Alumni Forever Fund at the Foundation Board meeting on Nov. 15. The scholarship is made possible by donations to the NEOMED foundation. Monzer is pictured with Dr. Young at right.

Students and Faculty Walk the Red Carpet at the Asclepius Charity Ball on Feb. 17
Students shined in their ball attire for the event that took place on Feb.17.
The King made a special appearance with Dr. Young and Dr. Boniface.