Networking Tips from a Career Coach
Learning how to create and maintain a professional network is a lifelong skill that takes practice. We all know that building strong business connections is important, and being in the School of Business is the perfect time to start building those connections.
Check out the video below and take a look at the Quick Tips for ways YOU can create lasting professional relationships!
Research & Be Aware:
Research your desired industry, connect with industry professionals when they're on campus, and watch for LAUNCH emails that will share opportunities to learn more.
Prepare: Have an informative self-introduction, develop relevant connections, and learn the art of active listening.
Follow Up: Write a personal card, send a "thank-you" email, or send a message on LinkedIn to signal your good intentions, strong credibility, and resourcefulness.
Be Genuine & Authentic:
´╗┐Be sure to clearly communicate that your intention is to establish a dialogue going forward that will be beneficial to both parties.
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