Life Science Nation Newsletter | March 7, 2019 | Issue 307

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By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation; Creator of RESI Conference Series

There is an opportunity to take advantage of in the global partnering domain but you have to leave your region in order to participate.

The LSN team just visited 8 countries and met with over 250 companies across Europe and Israel. The goal of the trip was to help the regional technology hubs and their constituents understand what it takes to go from a regional mindset to a global mindset in finding investors and channel partners. We saw first-hand the challenges that European life science entrepreneurs are facing. The big two: time and cost to go outside the region.

The biggest obstacles I found for fundraising European companies was a tendency to have a more conservative nature, and not being totally convinced that if you want to play in the global funding ecosystem you have to play by a new set of rules. These new rules may be different both culturally and in the business dynamic. The global marketplace abounds with compelling technology assets and understanding the competitive landscape and where you fit is crucial.

We told audiences at the LSN Fundraising Boot Camp workshops that you either have to go for it, or not. And if you do, you need to figure out how to get out of your region and start a continuous dialogue with the global players who are looking to fund and partner with you. RESI is bringing over 200 investors to Europe, March 25 in Vienna for the first time - the fundraising CEOs I met with said they would love to attend but the time and cost associated was prohibitive. Fundraising is an expensive endeavor: as strange as it sounds, you need to spend money to get money. In addition, it's important to remember that investors invest in teams as well as technologies, and they expect their startup CEOs to do what they have to do to succeed...
By Karen Deyo, Investor Research Analyst, LSN

Investing in the seed stage is always a risky proposition, especially in the life sciences. Startups at an early stage face risk on many fronts - scientific, regulatory, execution, market - and many investors prefer to wait until an asset is derisked before committing capital. Seed funds specialize in the early stages, each with their own strategy to help their portfolio companies cross the 'valley of death' to reach the more traditional venture investment stage. RESI's focus on early-stage life science includes these earliest investors, who will share some of their insights on how investment decisions are made at the seed stages. These investors will discuss how they mitigate their risk at the earliest stage, what they look for in these companies and how they get involved in the development of the company.

To learn about Seed Funds and how they help companies grow out of infancy, attend the panel at RESI Europe to hear the panelists speak. The participants are:
  • Philipp Rittershaus (Senior Investment Manager, High-Tech-Gründerfonds)
  • Sabine Kaiser (Venture Partner D/A/CH, NLC)
  • Pierre Socha (Principal, Amadeus Capital Partners)
  • Markus Wanko (Managing Partner, IST CUBE)
By Lucy Parkinson, VP of Investor Research, LSN

Life Science Nation is looking ahead to the summer, when we'll be joining thousands of executives from the life science and pharma industries in Philadelphia on June 3rd during the BIO International Convention. By bringing the Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conference to Philadelphia in June, LSN will provide a focused early stage venue for investors to find new technologies and connect with early stage entrepreneurs from all around the world. RESI's agenda of panels and workshops will provide fundraising CEOs with guidance on how to find capital even for the most novel potential breakthrough product. Panels include emerging areas of technology like Investing in Cell & Gene Therapy, Mental & Behavioral Health and AI in Healthcare, and key potential sources of capital like Asia Corporates & Strategics, Korea Investors and Angels & Family Offices. At RESI Philadelphia, entrepreneurs can both meet investors and hear candid, insightful discussion on what makes investors tick. If you'd like to join us during BIO, register here...

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