Support Needy Female Students of Science!
Happy International Women's Day, March 8.
We celebrate all past and present Turkish women in science and teaching.
This year we are dedicating this day to the memory of an outstanding scientist, Dr. Duygu Balcan of İTÜ Physics Engineering.
She was an exceptionally talented and successful physicist. Unfortunately, we had lost her in a terrible traffic accident in 2013 at age of 33.

We have created the Duygu Balcan Scholarship Fund. We are dedicating ourselves to continue her inspirations and wishes to help young woman students of science.

These are the unfortunate times of coronavirus spread and major financial difficulties in Turkey!
Let us help female students who are in extreme & urgent need while trying to study.
They are our future. Many of their families lost relatives, jobs and income.

For the 98th year of the Republic and Atatürk's reforms of women's rights and education, we are concentrated in helping female students.

In addition to celebrating the Turkish German scientists Özlem Türeci and Uğur Şahin of BioNTech, we are also celebrating the accomplishments of woman scientists from all of our universities.
They are our heroes! They study stars, black holes, genes, viruses and design software.

Charitable nonprofit donations are tax-deductible. You can make memorial donations named in memory of a special person.

One student's total scholarship is $ 375.
Every amount counts! Please help and donate now or give monthly amounts by clicking.
Thank you!
We will increase our scholarships from the USA and Canada from the current 50 students to 80 with your help. The current worldwide total is at 500 for both boys and girls.
Please share our appeal widely with your friends and community.

İTÜMD Istanbul Central Scholarship Committee:
Chair: Halit Zaim - Fujitsu Turkey & Balkans Gen Manager 1989-2014
Co-Chair: Sibel Kerimoglu - Metag Construction Board
Members: Pinar Efendioglu, Tolga Ulutas, Murat Hilkin, Cengiz Gülenler, Mürüvvet Killi, Pinar T. Öztürk (İTÜMD Manager)
ITÜ Alumni Association USA - ITÜ Mezunlari Dernegi ABD