MNA Online May 2020
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Weekly inspirational messages from Paul Hahn. We offer these as touchpoints for current news, refreshment, and reflection. Click here to get these in your inbox each week. Watch previous Moments here .
Parakaleo Gospel Conversation: Grief, Trauma, & Loss

The coronavirus pandemic has turned our world (and our church plants) upside down. From loss of congregants to loss of life, how do we process the tsunami of grief that threatens to overwhelm our hearts? Executive Director Denine Blevins talks with licensed professional counselors Dr. Penny Freeman and Sharon Hicks on processing loss and grief so that we can show up for ourselves before coming alongside others. Watch the replay here!  
LAMP Adapts to COVID-19 with Zoom

LAMP Dialog Sessions have moved online, allowing students to continue weekly meetings with Course Facilitators and stay on track. Read more.
Ethnos Coalition Relief Funds for Multiethnic Ministries

Thousands of ethnic minority members of PCA congregations throughout North America have been affected particularly severely by the COVID-19 shutdowns. Their jobs and their income have come to an abrupt halt, and few will qualify for any government relief.  Read more.
The Discovery Weekend
"Give us a weekend and we'll give you a path forward"

McGowan & Associates is a consulting firm dedicated to helping churches thrive. Our pastor-consultants utilize over a hundred years of collective ministry experience in assisting churches as they navigate any number of realities within the church. Read more .
Unity Fund Tuition Subsidy Applications
The PCA Unity Fund seeks to increase ethnic minority leadership by providing tuition subsidies to support training at reformed institutions. There are both ordained and non-ordained options . Click here to access the applications. Deadline is June30, 2020.
Are Conversations about "Different Cultures" Uncomfortable?

Feeling a little adrift in conversations about culture and differences? Or are they even uncomfortable? Afraid of saying the wrong thing? What is cultural “intelligence”, anyway? Here’s a way to learn more about yourself and navigating differences in culture. Read more.
2020 Events
A Fishing Lesson: Evangelizing the Multiethnic Sea

May 7, 2:30 PM EDT. Part of the Weekly MNA Webcast series on Evangelism, sponsored in partnership with Bent Tree. 2 PM EDT. Howard Brown will speak on Jesus as the factor in overcoming racial and cultural barriers to evangelism. Click here for information and to register.
Disability Ministry Toolbox: Resources for Adapted Bible Teaching at Home

May 12, 2:30 PM. Come join us for this free webinar that will equip you with resources that are accessible, developmentally appropriate, and easy to adapt. Click here for information.
Hal Farnsworth
Corporate Evangelism

May 14, 2 PM. Part of the Weekly MNA Webcast, sponsored in partnership with Bent Tree. American evangelicals tend to view both evangelism and discipleship as a personal aspiration rather than a corporate mindset. Hal Farnsworth will speak on how to get your church members to actively engage in evangelism. Click here for information and to register.
Amplify 2020: The Wheaton Evangelism Leadership Conference

Amplify 2020 is going virtual this year. Join us on MAY 19-21 for a one-of-a-kind interactive experience that will get you and your church stirred up for showing & sharing the love of Jesus during these historic days. Click here for information.
Parakaleo Basic Training

October 11-15, Orlando FL. The stresses of ministry –which often include long hours, high expectations, loneliness, church conflict, and the spiritual weight of caring for God’s church—can wear on pastoral couples. Parakaleo comes alongside women in their ministry roles by providing coaching and training. Read more...
World Street Experience

Oct 26-30, Vancouver, Canada. 4-day interactive prayer training bootcamp workshop that will equip you with vision and practical skills and tools to empower you to lead your people and organization to follow Jesus through prayer. Click here for complete information.
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Volunteer Opportunities
" ...I was in prison and you came to visit me." (Matthew 25:36)

Have you ever considered ministering to our brothers and sisters who are incarcerated? MNA Metanoia Prison Ministries has opportunities for you. Read more.
Church Planter Updates
Orangeburg SC

In 2015, JP Sibley along with his wife Laurie and their 3 children, moved back to JP’s hometown of Orangeburg, SC to plant  New City Orangeburg     Read more .
Queen Creek AZ

Jan 12, 2020 was a huge milestone in the life of  Hope Community Church . This church plant had their first worship service lead by planter JC Baysinger  Read more .
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