Dignity Letter — July 2019
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Warmest greetings to you!

Dear Friend,

Welcome to our July Dignity Letter!

We hope the n ews, events, and resources shared in this letter will encourage you and your work in the world!

  • Welcome to Our 2019 Dignity Conference in Brazil
  • Sharing Good News and Good Ideas!
  • Looking Forward to Our 2019 Workshop in NYC
  • Announcing Our 2020 Dignity Conference in Spain
  • Dignity Studies at the Core of Higher Education — Learning Opportunities!
  • Dignity Leadership Possibilities — Turning Ideas into Action

Please note: Rather than sending numerous Dignity Letters throughout the year, HumanDHS will send longer letters. We warmly welcome your feedback about this approach.
We Hope You Can Join Us in Brazil!
33rd Annual Dignity Conference
29th August – 2nd September 2019 in Marabá , Pará State, Brazil
3rd September – 5th September 2019 in Belém , capital of Pará State, Brazil

Cultivating Good Living Amazon:
Nurturing Solidarity with Mother Earth  

This very special Dignity Conference will begin in Marabá (August 29), the "gate to the industrialization of the Amazon," and end in Belém, a place of immense cultural diversity, visionary history, and indigenous roots, and culminate on World Amazon Day (September 5th). We will visit Marabá City Council, schools and universities to carry out a caravan of dialogues.

Good Living Amazon is an alternative paradigm project. It is seeded in the small Afro-Indigenous community of Cabelo Seco, the first settlement of Marabá City, between the threatened Itacaiúnas and Tocantins rivers, in Pará State. It is coordinated by the Transformance Institute, who will host our 2019 conference in the Community University of the Rivers. Please see this interview for background on the Rivers of Meeting project and the community.

Please find our welcome letters to this event here:
This Conference has Three Parts

We encourage you to regularly check the conference website for the latest developments.

29th August – 31st August (three days)
House of Rivers, Cabelo Seco
Marabá is the gate to the Amazon
Together, we will examine strategies for the unfolding of dignity
for all in Brazil and throughout the world

1st – 2nd September (two days)
House of Rivers, Cabelo Seco
Primary and Secondary (High) School Workshops (with teachers or learners) and University Workshops and/or Public Conversations

3. Excursion to  Belém
3rd – 5th September (three days, Azul has two flights on 3rd September)
Belém is the capital and largest city of the state of Pará in the north of Brazil. It is the ideal place for immersion into its diverse culture and indigenous ways of living.
For the adventurous, you can take a boat excursion from Belém on the Amazonas River!
Post-conference excursion for those interested:
Registration is free: If you wish to participate, please email us ! Please know that you are invited to spend the entire conference with us, so that true dignity-family-building can emerge! All of our events are part of an ongoing effort to nurture a global dignity community.

  • Thank you for emailing your message and introductory information to: conferences@humiliationstudies.org. Please kindly include your contact information and any other details you would like to share with our community (e.g., CV, papers, articles, presentations, video links, etc.).

  • You are invited to fill out our Appreciative Introduction form (Word/PDF), print it out, and bring it with you.

  • We gratefully count on you to make your own transportation and accommodation arrangements. Please see the conference website for options.

  • Because circumstances in Brazil can change rapidly, we strongly encourage participants to purchase travel insurance to cover unexpected travel interruptions and disruptions, including natural disasters and unexpected personal medical problems.

  • Again, there is no registration fee, rather we share minimal costs, each of us contributing according to our ability.

Welcome to all!

Good News and Good Ideas!
New Dignity Videos
On Dignity and Humiliation, Evelin Lindner's lecture for the Department of Psychology at the University of Oslo in Norway on the 22nd March 2019.

From Humiliation to Dignity: For a Future of Global Solidarity, Evelin Lindner presents the Mandela Lecture at the  Red Cross Nordic United World College in Norway on the 28th March 2019.
Kathy Beckwith Presents TEDx Talk
Congratulations to Kathy Beckwith for her recent TEDx presentation based on her Dignity Press book, A Mighty Case Against War.

In her video, Kathy Beckwith asks: Is using war as a means of resolving conflict an outdated premise? Is it time for us to move on from the battlefield? And if so, are there alternatives that actually work? She shares her big idea — there are plenty of alternatives to war, if only we choose to use them.
The Human Climate: Author Interview
In her new Dignity Press book, The Human Climate: Facing the Divisions Inside Us and Between Us , Carol Smaldino brings a developmental approach to understanding the connections between emotions and social/political issues. 

Please enjoy Carol Smaldino's recent interview hosted by Rabbi Hillel Katzir for the radio program "Faith in Progress" on WKRFC, KRFC 88.9 FM, Tuesday, May 7, 2019.
Extremely Encouraging News! Chinese Translation of Lindner's Book Out!
The Chinese translation of Evelin Lindner's book, Making Enemies: Humiliation and International Conflict, is out! Inspired by the contents of the book, Liu Lanzhi, professor in English teaching in Beijing, has worked tirelessly on the translation since 2011. Join us in offering our most heartfelt gratitude!

树敌 : 侮辱与国际冲突
(Making Enemies: Humiliation and International Conflict)
Beijing: Foreign Languages Publishing Press
The book is available from Dangdang or Jd.com.

The English original of the book was honoured as " CHOICE 2007 Outstanding Academic Title" in 2007.

The Humiliation Inventory:
Portuguese Edition of a Research Tool
Congratulations to Francisco M. S. Cardoso and Ana C. M. Ramos for developing a Portuguese version of the Humiliation Inventory, which is based on the first scale to assess the experience of humiliation developed by Linda Hartling, 1995.

This Portuguese version of the scale is described in this recently released article: Cardoso, Francisco M. S., Ramos, Ana C. M., & Hartling, Linda M. (2019). Humiliation Inventory: Adaptation Study for Portuguese Population. Análise Psicológica, 37(2), 235-248. doi:10.14417/ap.1460

If you are interested in this research, please kindly address your correspondence to Dr. Francisco Cardoso, Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro: fcardoso@utad.pt
Evelin Lindner's New Book:
Coming Soon!
HumanDHS Founding President Evelin Lindner is in the final stages of publishing her new book, From Humiliation to Dignity: For a Future of Global Solidarity, which includes a foreword by Howard Richards.

A digital version of this publication, with full endnotes, will soon be downloadable from Evelin Lindner's webpage for the book.
Seeds of Dignity: Rochester, Minnesota, Launches a Public Seed Library
The Rochester Seed Library offers free, open-pollinated seeds and resources for planting, growing, harvesting, and seed saving.

Why start a public seed library? Heidi Kass, who co-created this initiative, explained, “... organic food in the stores can be so expensive and cost-prohibitive...if you can get started with your own seeds, you can grow really good healthy food and improve the health of [the] community.” More than 5,700 seeds have been checked out so far. Please see this news video.

For more information about this project, please visit the Rochester Seed Library webpage.
Do You Have Dignity News?
We love sharing the good news that grows out of the global efforts of our HumanDHS community!

If you would like to share your dignity "good news," "positive progress," or "promising practices," you are warmly invited to send it to our attention: humandhs@humiliationstudies.org.
We are looking forward to having you join us...
16th Annual Workshop on Transforming
Human Dignity and Violent Conflict
December 5 – 6, 2019 — Teachers College, Columbia University, New York
This Year's Theme:
Can We Teach Dignity?
Becoming Lifelong Apprentices of Dignity
from Childhood throughout All Ages

This is our very warm welcome to — and reminder of — our upcoming annual  Workshop on Transforming Humiliation and Violent Conflict, Thursday and Friday, December 5th - 6th, 2019, Columbia University, Teachers College, New York. 

Can we teach the dignity we need to see in the world? This workshop is an opportunity to explore how we can best deepen, grow, and practice the global message of dignity — today and far into the future. We will build on Lyndon Harris's concept of "becoming better ancestors" by devoting special attention to how all of us can develop apprenticeships in dignity that strengthen the lives of children, young people, and all generations. 
Many Ways to Connect and Contribute

Whether you join us as a creative contributor, a supporter, an active listener, a moderator, a dialogue facilitator, or in some other collaborative capacity, we want to emphasize that everyone in the workshop plays an important role in creating a climate of connection and mutual learning on the path to dignity.
If You Would Like to Participate
You will find all of the latest details about the workshop — updated regularly — on the workshop website .

New Friends:  If you wish to join us, we invite you to send us a message and introductory information to: workshops@humiliationstudies.org. Thanks for including your contact information and any other details you would like to share with our community (e.g., CV, papers, articles, presentations).

We warmly welcome new friends to join us as supporters of all sessions. You are also warmly invited to join in our afternoon conversations known as "Co-Created Dignilogue Sessions," which require no preparation. Finally, thank you for making your own transportation and accommodation arrangements that will support your participation throughout the workshop.

Returning Friends:  We look forward to welcoming you again to our workshop! Thank you for helping us finalize our plans by confirming your participation and confirming how you would like to contribute as a participant.

  • We are in the process of developing an initial plan for this year’s program! Please let us know if you would like to make a special contribution to a Pre-Planned or Co-Created Dignilogue Session. It would be wonderful to receive your confirmation of participation by September 1st or sooner so we can finalize the program knowing we have heard from you. 
  • We would particularly love to know if you would like to participate in a leadership role, for example, as a:
  • Careholder
  • Dignigardener (a.k.a., a dignifying dialogue supporter)
  • Dignilogue facilitator
  • Music/movement/poetry/art contributor (singing, dance, movement, etc.)
  • Videographer
  • Photographer
  • Or in another role that is not listed — We'd love to have you with us in this special way!
  • The joyful energy of our workshop is co-created by everyone, and especially by the generous collaboration and leadership of our returning HumanDHS friends!
  • Thank you for your loving support of this annual gathering!

All Friends: If you have an abstract or a paper you wish to share, you are warmly invited to send it to us so we can publish it on our HumanDHS website. Thank you! 

2018 Workshop Participants
Announcing the 2020 Dignity Conference in Spain
35th Annual HumanDHS Conference

Global Vulnerabilities —
From Humiliation to Dignity and Solidarity
Please save these dates!
21st – 24th September 2020
Madrid, Spain

The conference is hosted by the National Distance Education University/Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), its Faculty of Psychology / Facultad de Psicología, in Madrid, Spain, in cooperation with the World Dignity University initiative. We very much thank Saulo Fernández, Associate Professor at the Facultad de Psicología, UNED, for convening this conference together with Professor Emeritus José Francisco Morales Domínguez at UNED.

Dignity Studies — Learning Opportunities!
The World Dignity University initiative (WDUi) and the Western Institute for Social Research (WISR) are continuing their partnership by seeking three or more people who would like to study together as a cohort group pursuing BS, MS, or EdD degrees. WISR is a degree-granting institution partnering with the WDUi, which enables members of the HumanDHS community to pursue the academic degrees in areas relating to dignity.

WISR’s mission is strongly compatible with the commitments and values of HumanDHS, the organizational home of the WDUi. WISR helps students build bridges toward their personal and professional goals through action projects, research, and writing that leads to a sustainable and just future for all.
Dignity Leadership Possibilities for You!
Are you looking for opportunities to make significant contributions to building a better world? Please allow us to invite you to consider joining with us in our collaborative work for dignity!

All our dignity work is a labor of love. We are looking for visionary individuals who wish to make a substantial commitment, offering their full-time focus, expertise, and energy as their gift to help us increase dignity throughout the world. This type of leadership involves practicing sophisticated dignity skills to encourage and inspire the efforts of our global members who wish to contribute, but have limited time available.

In particular, we invite those who would like to take on leadership roles supporting large-scale dignity projects, such as the World Dignity University initiative . We are extremely thankful to Uli Spalthoff for creating a wonderful platform for us, from which we can continue to grow into the future! 

We warmly invite you to share your leadership skills by joining with us to build dignity in the world. Computer knowledge would be essential. Ideally, this might include knowledge of Joomla, the capability to program using Python, Django, databases, and html. A person who knows how to program in other computer languages could learn all of this within several weeks.
Thank you for all of your efforts to bring dignity into the lives of all people!

Evelin Lindner , MD, PhDs, Founding President
Linda Hartling , PhD, Director
Uli Spalthoff , PhD, Director of Project Development and Systems Administration 
Michael Britton , EdD, PhD, Board Member 
Richard Slaven , PhD, Director of Dignifunding
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