Because you helped transform their lives, now they can work to transform others.
The profound impact of your gift... for Krystal, Evelyn, and Anderne...
Among the countless lives changed through services which you make possible, here are just a few who, thanks to your generosity, are able to give back to their community by working with El Nido.

Future Obstetrician Imagines Life Without Your Support
If it were not for your generosity, I would still be living at home with my daughter and siblings, would never have gone to college, would be working at a minimum wage job, and probably still be the main source of income for my family.  

Krystal, an El Nido Scholarship recipient, is currently at UC Riverside and working her way to medical school with her sights set on being an obstetrician.  

Krystal, who supports her parents and young child financially, worked two jobs while going to community college.
Krystal's case manager encouraged her to keep on going during her high school years. In return, Krystal decided to give back , by working in El Nido’s College Corner and assisting youth with applications and financial aid options.
Young Mom Paves the Path to Higher Education
You provided me with the tools and resources necessary to reach my goals and dreams. My biggest dream was to graduate college, and I did. Now I have a stable job at El Nido, which allows me to not only support myself and my daughter, but to also give back to our community and the organization that supported me.
People walk by, waving to Evelyn as she stands in the courtyard of El Nido Family Centers in Pacoima. Beaming, she smiles back at them before going back to work as an El Nido Case Manager. Evelyn knows the value of your generosity, and has gone from a participant in our Adolescent Family Life Program to working for the agency that changed her life. At the end of 10th grade, Evelyn found herself pregnant and scared. Seeking guidance, Evelyn enrolled in El Nido. Before getting pregnant, no one discussed the possibility of Evelyn seeking higher education. But El Nido’s case manager did...

"She empowered me to aim higher. UCLA became my dream school because of her. I have become a good role model for my daughter as she now wants to attend UCLA, like I did."

Your support has given Evelyn the opportunity to complete her bachelor's degree in Sociology and now, thanks to your generosity, Evelyn has transformed from a young mom with low self-esteem, to a confident and empowered woman, who can help others pursue their dreams. Her motto: "Don't let obstacles get in the way of pursuing your dreams."
Mother's emergency cry for help answered by generous El Nido donors
“El Nido staff have made a tremendous impact on my life. They have been very supportive, especially when I was going through a family emergency, If you are truly in need of an agency that loves you, and cares about you and your children, El Nido will be a blessing to you.”...

Read more about Anderne's amazing transformation at this link.
By supporting El Nido, you make possible:

❖ Treatment for children who have suffered from abuse or neglect
❖ Resources and support for families at risk of homelessness
❖ Activities to steer boys and girls away from gangs
❖ Resources for youth who are transitioning out of foster care
❖ Parent education to prevent school failure and teen pregnancy
❖ And much more...
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