Dear G-d:
Where are you?
Dear Friends: 

In an ongoing effort to communicate to our community amidst the current crisis, our Rabbis are providing education and spiritual offerings in a virtual manner. Here is some important information in that regard:

I have resumed my podcast with a new recording called “Dear G-d: Where are you”? It can be found here .

Rabbi Feigenbaum Wednesday morning Java for the soul class at 8:45 am & Thursday Lunch and Learn @ 12:00pm " Finding true freedom" Sponsored by a Arlene and Tony Adelson In honor of Rabbi Feigenbaum.
You can view it on Facebook live or on Zoom
Dial by your location- 929-205-6099 312-626-6799  
Meeting ID: 843 906 9742

Tomorrow is also Erev Rosh Chodesh Nissan the Sages have called for a Global Day of Prayer. This day is considered an auspicious time for prayer and connection and we urge everyone to participate. For more information, please click here

For anyone interested in the OU Guide to Passover, it is available online and can be viewed here .

We are thankful for our partnership with the Jewish Federation and the JFCS who have helped organize a fund to help people with basic financial assistance. JFCS currently has funds that are available to members of the Jewish community for food and medicine. If you are in need of assistance, please call 904-394-5722 and you will be able to speak with someone.  

Once again, we are reminding everyone to exercise maximum caution in these difficult times and to practice social distancing to mitigate the effect of this virus. May G-d have mercy and compassion on us in these very challenging times!

Etz Chaim Synagogue
Rabbi Yaakov Fisch