Thank you to the following neighbors who responded to our End of Year call to action with a monetary contribution to Lydia Place!
This list includes monetary gifts received from 12/08/2020 through 01/29/2021. If you signed up to be a Housing Hero during this time period your name will appear in the Housing Hero graitude section below.
Richard Abbott, Acme Presbyterian Church, Andrea Albi, Alicia Allard, John S Allen, Kristine & Blake Allen, American Endowment Foundation, Kevin Anderson, Aqua Island Technologies, Ted M Arregui, Anthony Ashe, Robert Bacon, Kevin Baier, Susan & Thom Beamish, Kathryn Beck, Judy M. Bell, Bellingham Underwriters, Linda Lee Berg, Richard & Jan Berg, Woody & Jennifer Bernard, Michael Berres & Ann Stevenson, Sherrill & Peggy Blankenship, Lanita Boddie, W.J. & P.M. Boles, Jack & Joanne Bowman, The BP Foundation, Lita and Gary Breiwick, Dean & Mary Brett, Kim Brown, Hon. Peter H. Brown Charitable Fund, John Bruton, Stephen Buetow, Anna M Burns, Claudia Callahan, Linda Callender, Paul Campbell, Dorothy Carpenter, Maureen Carr, Yvette Casto, Patricia A Cerchio, Jennifer K Chapman, Barbara A Cheatham, Mary Cherron, Cherry Point Reach Out, Alona Christman, Riley Clark, Janice Rae Claussen, Christine J Coder, Lorie D Cole, Colson Family, Carol & Dennis Comeau, Chase Emmett Conway, David & Judith Culver, Jeff Culver, Jayme and David Curley, Tracey B Daniels, RN, Bill & Fran Davis, Debbie & Dan Raas, Mary Jane Delahunt, Elizabeth Delgatto, Deborah D Dempsey, Linda & Donald Diebert, Anna Diedesch, Jeff & Kathy Dorr, Tim and Kathy Dugan, Nathan & Amanda Dwyer, Max Eldridge, Patti Fairbanks, Lisa Ford, William L Freeman, Jillian Froebe and Elizabeth Kerwin, Frontstream, Morgan Lee Whetsell Fuller, Alicia Gabrielson, Thomas L Gibson, Martha and George Giffen, Al Gill, Good Works Fund, Gay Goodenough, Lynn Graham, Erin S Griffith, Richard & Leona Groesbeck, Adrienne Grubaugh, Kathleen Gundel, Julianna Guy, Richard Gwozdz, Lisa Gyllenberg, Michael Haberman, Simone Hall, Steven Halterman, Jennifer Ann Hampton, Harbor Lands, LP, Barbara Blain Harrell, Greer W. Hastings, Brandon Hausmann, Joan Hawley, Cathy Hayward-Hughes, Lisa Hefter, Glenda Henifin, Melissa Henry, Bill & Carol Henshaw, Kelley Jo Hess, Shelley Higgins, Ryan Hill, Joel & Helena Hiltner, David & Pam Hirsch, Michelle Holladay, Wendy Holtzman, Sharon Hoofnagle, Elizabeth and Michael Hopley, Tyrone Horrace, Rosemary Hostetler, Hovenier Sales, Inc. dba Lightwear, Kyle Huleatt, IBEW Local Union 191, Duane Jager, Steve James, John Chandler Johnson, Beverly Jones, Debra Jones, Richard & Judith Kasper, John & Sandra Keith, Kelley Insurance Agency, Bill Kern & Kay Caylor, Lawrence & Pyllis Kiehn, Randy & Barbara Kraght, Linda & Richard Krebs, Christine Kubota, Areya Kugler, Laurel & Thomas Kunesh, Dawn Landau & Barry Quyle, Kathryn & Wayen Langei, Christine Joy Larsen, Last Man Standing Club, Judith & Dennis Lewis, John R Lindh, Giles and Shannon Little, Sandra Little, Karin Livezey, Louis Auto Glass, Inc 111, Miriam Lowin, Karin Luce, Harriet Ludjin, Lummi Island Congregational Church, Greg & Barb Lykke, David & Tisch Lynch, Kirk & Jade Lyon, Jonathan Anne Lytle, Georgia & Bob MacGregor, Jane Major, Beverly Mar, Joan Matz, Betty McClendon, Kristin McCullough, Giovanna McLaughlin, Janet McLeod, Verna McLeod, Carolyne Milling, Chan Min, Christopher Moench, Deborah Monaghan, Mitzi McMillan Moore, Cathy Moran, Robert & Jeanette Morse, Hideko Moriyama, James Alan Nelson, Dr. David Netboy, Network for Good, Thomas Nichols, Jennifer Nix, The NM Group LLC, Haylie and Shawn Northouse, Jim Michael O’Brien, Dawn Oehlerich, Janis Olson, Jean Overly, Rebekah Paci-Green, Paine Partnership LLC, Linda L Palmer, Joel Pattinson, Alysia Paxton, Perigee Fund, Mary and Ralph Perona, Virginia L Pharis, Robert Pollock, Greg & Tami Posel, Marlene and Gene Potocnik, Emily Prestbo, PSE Foundation, Tasha Repp, Rosalind Reynolds, Riordan-Thompson Family Charitable Fund, Carolyn Robbins, Cheryl and Kent Rochford, Elizabeth Rodgers, Susan Roland, Michael Sato and Amy Nelson, Saturna Capital Corporation, Lydia & Kurt Scherer, Susan Schneider, Karen Schnepf, Dale Schrader, Suzannah & Tyler Schroeder, Linda K Scott, Dorothy Seekins, Carol Selby, Ernst Selig, Amanda Selvidge, Mac & Wendy Setter, Lora Sherman, Alexandra Shields, Leslie Sigurdson, Todd & Debra Smith, Elizabeth Snyder, Jessica Solem, Chris & Annie Sorich, David Stalheim, Diane Staves, Steele Financial Services, Inc., Sterling Rentals LLC, Jim & Peggy Stewart, Karlene Stewart, Maurice & Anita Stoffer, Jenn Stutsman, Karen Summers, Jacque Lee Sweet, Robert Richard Sytsma, Dorothy & Phil Tenkhoff, Andrea N. Thompson, Angele Thompson, Theresa Thornberg & Kenneth Carpenter, Brad & Patricia Thrall, Top Land Trading Inc, Jean Tufano, Keith & Beth Tyne, UFCW Local 21, Theresa G Ulm, Gaylon Vander Yacht, Vanderpol Realty, Vautaux Construction, Carrie Vermeulen, Ms. M Vinson Tronvig, Steve Wallace, Ashlee Walls, Alice Warrick, Joanne Weldon, Anne Palmer Welsh, WestEdge Credit Union, Bekki and Russ Weston, Robert D Weston, Mary Wheeler, Bobbette Whetsell, Victoria White, Megan Whitsell, Evan and Michelle Wiese, James Wilson, Kay E. Wilson, Myron & Paula Wlaznak, Carolyn Wolfe, Jennier Woods, Catherine Wright, Jennifer Wright, Susan Wright, Dr. Chao-ying & Suzanne Wu Family Fund, Robert & Alicia Wurm, Marilyn and Gary Wyss, Nathan Yale, Kelly Zender, Rena Ziegler, Barbara Zielstra, Deanna Zipp, Tony & Lynne Zold

Attention Lydia Place Housing Heroes Monthly Contributors
You may update or change your credit card details via our Financial Manager, Judy Wayt at 360.671.7663 ext 2003 or by filling out an online donation form with your new credit card information here.
Thank you to the following Housing Heroes for committing to the work of Lydia Place by helping us end family homelessness with a monthly gift!
Butch & Linda Arnold, Jeanne Baker, Matthew Barrow, Lindsey Bear, David James Beaumier, Drew & Michael Betz, Brianna Brumbaugh, Michael and Mary Jane Brunt, Kay Caylor, Lisa N Chovil, Karen & Richard Clark, Jennifer Cool, Susan Costanzo, Sue Croft, Deb Currier, Shannon & Peter Day, Cayla Dickens, Michelle Dohm, Danielle Elder, Pamela Eileen Englett, Graham Essex, Rachel Garcia, Kaitlyn Gerard, Lynn Giuliani, Audrey Gravley and Bill McGinnis, Mindy and Alex Gravley, Greer Hastings, Alycia Hawkins, Roxanna Hayes, Lisa Heezen, Amy Johnson, Hank Kastner, Bill Kern, Ann K Lackland, Tom Laughlin, Sonja Lee, Nancy Long, RoseMarie Longmire, Becky Ludwig, Erin Lynch, Lynda Hinton Real Estate Inc, Kate McDonald, Megan C McGinty, Kathleen McQuaide, Heather Michel, Patti K Morgan, Marilyn Moullen, Shenandoah Myrick, Tammie O'Dell, Traci Orr, Laura Ann Owens, Tierney Owens, Susan & Jeff Palmer, Deborah Parker, Melanie S Pysden, Misty Kaye Rainwater, Beth Randall, Natalie Ransom and Ryan Wimberly, Amanda Robins, Kathy and Marcus Rowe-Guthrie, Kathleen Smith, Jillene Snell, Delores Starcher, Pete Stelling, Sterling Rentals LLC, Ryan Thramer, Chara Stuart, Pepper Tipton, Jeffery Tom, Peter Turner, Shawna Unger, Yvonne Vaughn, Trent John Vigor, Ruby Volker, Kerri Walker, Elizabeth Walukas.
Lydia Place is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by the law. Scroll to the bottom of this email to learn how The CARES Act impacts your 2021 charitable giving.
We're Hiring!
We are looking for some amazing humans to join our dynamic team and to be apart of our vision of a compassionate community where everyone has a home and the opportunity to thrive.

In order to continue social distancing practices, we've established new hiring procedures to ensure future applicants and our team stay safe and healthy during the application process.
Dearest Earthling,


VIP Experience begins at 5 PM PST*
*Must have purchased a VIP ticket package to attend.

General Admission is FREE or pay what you can!

This year’s event is 100% virtual and includes a silent auction and live streaming event. On event night all registered guests will be able to browse and bid on silent auction packages ranging from $15 and $5,000 and view our live stream program through Greater Giving, our online auction platform.

Auction packages are crafted for that special someone in your life. Whether it is a partner, family member, friend, kiddo, furry friend-or yourself, we have something for everyone!


So grab your spacesuit and your favorite earthling and prepare for liftoff as Lydia Place and our special guest host, Misha Collins, take you on a space odyssey, forward in time, to our vision of a compassionate Earth where every human has a home and the opportunity to thrive.
Buffalo Exchange's Tokens for Bags® Program
Now through the end of June

Now you can help the environment and local families experiencing homelessness in our community when you shop at our local Buffalo Exchange here in Bellingham.
Instead of a plastic bag, the Tokens for Bags® program gives every customer who makes a purchase one “token” worth five cents (the cost to produce a bag) to donate to one of several nonprofits. The program has generated over $800,000 for thousands of local nonprofit organizations since 1994 and has kept over 16 million plastic bags out of the environment!

For more details please visit:

Community Advocate: Joy of Pilates

A big thank you to our Community Advocates at Joy of Pilates for hosting a diaper and children's book drive for Lydia Place families this past holiday season. These essential items are an on-going need for our Family Housing Program and our Parent Support Program. With the help of Joy of Pilates and the community members who donated dollars, diapers, and books, we are starting out 2021 stocked and ready to support our families in need.
Community Cares: Boy Scouts of America

Thank you to Scott and Boy Scout 4028 troopers for choosing Lydia Place as a beneficiary of their Miracle Drive that took place this holiday season. We are so thankful to them and all of the community members who donated. What a great way to start the New Year and to honor their commitment to help(ing) others at all times.
Community Cares: Louis Auto Glass

We want to thank Louis Auto Glass for its generosity this holiday season. In December, they donated partial proceeds from every windshield replacement service provided totaling $1,400 for Lydia Place programs and services!
Community Cares: Viking Food

We would like to extend our gratitude to Viking Food for donating $1.00 back to Lydia Place for every order placed from December 14th through December 20th. Through your orders using their online website and app, they were able to raise $3,865! We also want to thank Viking Food for providing essential food delivery service options safely throughout this pandemic and for continuing to prioritize the local restaurants in our community that we know and love.

Premier Kids & Maternity Consignment Shop
1512 Ellis Street, Bellingham, WA 98225  
360.671.0954  |

Flip was created to provide growing families a place to purchase gently pre-owned, name brand children’s and maternity items. Five years ago, this local business went one step further and offered its support to Lydia Place to help address the needs of our growing community as well. Our donation partnership with Flip and the support of people like you has provided hundreds of families with vouchers to pick out the exact items their family needs and wants. Using vouchers allows us to serve our clients more efficiently by receiving credit for items we do not have the capacity to store or transport- but more importantly, vouchers give ownership to our families by giving them the opportunity to find safe and quality items such as strollers, toys, children’s and maternity clothes that they might not be able to attain otherwise.

Donating your new and gently used items to Flip on behalf of Lydia Place is easy, all you have to do is mention Lydia Place during your donation process.

Find out “How to Flip” here:

Shopping at Flip not only supports a community-focused, local business but also supports hundreds of families in our community who also shop at Flip. So, don’t forget to check out their amazing items on consignment when you're dropping off your donation for Lydia Place.

Support LP while you shop online!
AmazonSmile in the Shopping App

You can now support your favorite charity through the Amazon app on your iPhone and Android Phones. By turning on the AmazonSmile feature, Amazon will donate 0.5% of all eligible purchases to Lydia Place every time you shop- no additional cost to you.

As of November 2020, AmazonSmile shoppers have generated $1,137.24 for Lydia Place programs and services!

Ongoing Needs are now listed on and Amazon

At Lydia Place, we value our community and that means we shop local whenever possible. Due to our inability to accept donations in-person, we've had to find alternative ways to continue to provide essential items to our families in need. One of the ways we're doing that is through Amazon Wishlists in order to limit person-to-person contact as much as possible.

These lists can also be used as a reference if you wish to shop locally. We just ask that if you aren't purchasing items from Amazon that they are mailed directly to Lydia Place. If you'd like to discuss on-going donation needs or delivery please contact us at

The following businesses are currently accepting donations, however, we strongly encourage you to contact each business for their current COVID-19 donation policies and procedures as they vary from business to business.

Friendly Reminder: You must mention Lydia Place during your donation process for us to receive credit for our families. Thank you!
February 1st through March 1st
Opportunities to learn and celebrate Black American history and culture.

A quick internet search of "Black History Month 2021" yields many opportunities to learn, celebrate, and show your support. Below we've included just a handful of ways you can participate.

Nationwide Virtual Events

The Association for the Study of African American Life and History is holding a massive month-long virtual celebration that includes several free and ticketed events.

Local Virtual Events

Western Washington University is celebrating Black History Month with a calendar of events across the university, organized and sponsored by a variety of organizations, departments, and clubs.

Additional Free Online Resources

The Oprah Magazine's website has one of the largest online libraries celebrating Black American culture and history we could find on the internet. Here you will find the Black voice amplified through a multitude of lenses. If you're a fan of lists, then you're really going to love this resource!

How the CARES Act Impacts Charitable Giving for 2021

New Deduction Available: Non-itemizer taxpayers can write off up to $300 per tax return (up to $600 for married couples filing jointly) in charitable cash contributions for 2020. This is available only to people who take the standard deduction, not for people who can itemize their deductions on Schedule A. It is an “above the line” deduction from income that will reduce a donor’s adjusted gross income (AGI), and thereby reduce taxable income.

This information is not intended as legal or tax advice. For such advice, please consult an attorney or tax advisor. References to tax rates include federal taxes only and are subject to change. State law may further impact your individual results.