Released in February, THE RADICAL REMNANT is blessing many as we present the book in our church meetings and through the website. If you haven’t had a chance to personally get hold of one or more copies for yourself and others you know, you can go online and order there. Details are found in our FEATURED PRODUCTS segment below. 
Every 3 years, we conduct a national leadership conference called STRONGERMAN. Our last one was SM 2018, so our next one is set for this summer, 2021. However, since we cannot be there personally due to the FEAR VIRUS, we’re planning to hold the meeting using ZOOM technology, reaching out to our nationwide network of pastors, leaders and members wherever they live, rather than having them travel to Ozamiz for a live in-person conference. Speakers will be lined up to minister alongside myself and Ethel, zooming from various points across the USA. We are excited for this. This will be the first time we have ever done this, so please pray with us for a successful effort.
As we move into the month of May, our staff in the Philippines tells us that unfortunately, travel restrictions are coming back, as various provinces continue to waffle back and forth in fear.
At the moment, Manila’s current travel lockdown has once again been “extended” through the middle of May. Provinces close to our home & headquarters in Ozamiz City have also re-instituted restrictions in public places like beaches and resorts.
Mass gatherings are also being restricted once again. In short, fear continues to reign supreme. We will get back there just as soon as possible, but not at this time.
Our crusades are not just confined to our staff and students residing in Ozamiz city. We’ve got soul-winning teams reaching out nationwide, throughout our church network. Here are pictures showing recent outreaches on the island of Cebu, from our pastors and workers living there.
This is an isolated jungle village on the island of Cebu. It’s the place where Ethel lived for a time when she was a little girl.
These people live in abject poverty. They are forgotten by many, but not by us, or the Lord.
Once again, close to 100% of those who come receive Jesus as Lord & Savior. No matter where we go, it's like this everywhere in the Philippines.  
We appreciate your faithful prayers of agreement for these priority issues affecting our ministry and our country. 

In America: 
Pray for God’s intervention to bring justice and judgment to the perpetrators of the ongoing international effort to sabotage and replace our system of government. These criminals must be identified, prosecuted and imprisoned. As a country founded on the principles of democracy, America as a country is doomed to destruction if Christians and conservatives are systematically censored, maligned, persecuted and threatened. This must stop, and only God can make that happen!

Pray that God will remove the gutless, spineless politicians that the devil has used in both political parties. We want strong, courageous, patriotic representatives at all levels of government, including the courts.

Pray for national spiritual repentance and revival. This alone can save America from itself, and from the ungodly, who are now actively working to silence the voice of Christianity in America.

In the Philippines:
Tax Attack. First presented to you in our August 2020 COLD WATER. Our staff has met with local city officials, attempting to help them understand we are not a for-profit business that should be taxed. In addition, we are in contact with our attorneys on this matter. We are believing for total victory, paying no taxes to anyone, and for this avenue of demonic attack to disappear forever, in Jesus’ name.

Fear Virus Issues. Agree with us that all COVID-19 hurdles are eliminated. That means all travel restrictions and quarantine requirements be lifted in all countries where we are assigned by God to go, especially the Philippines.

Ministry Income. Agree with us for steady and sufficient monthly income to run the ministry and continue all avenues of outreach without interruption. We’re feeding on God’s faithfulness
(Psalms 37:3).

Road Expansion Project. The city of Ozamiz has begun pouring cement and widening the road in front of our compound. A photo of this was included in our March COLD WATER newsletter. Believe with us for the complete termination of this project – with no damage or destruction to compound property. Updates on this issue will be forthcoming in future newsletters.

Effective Crusade Outreach. Agree with us for maximum results from the crusades we conduct going forward, no matter what restrictions are in place to hinder us.

Successful Online Meetings. We are scheduling online Bible School classes and National Conferences using ZOOM technology. Agree with us for success in organizing and conducting these meetings going forward. 
Ethel and I want you to know how important you are to the on-going work of MKMI in the Philippines, and around the world. Without your faithful and generous support, we would not have been able to survive 2020 as we did. Unfortunately, it’s still more of the same now in 2021. Our travel, speaking and ministry schedules continue to be greatly disrupted. Even so, God is proving Himself faithful once again, working through generous partners like you. Because of this, we are presently in a good position financially, and expect that to be the case going forward all year long. We believe we’ll get back to the Philippines as soon as possible, to resume effective and full-scale ministry operations. But wherever we are, we know we have got partners like you to lean on, as we all stand in faith for complete victory over this global pandemic attack of the enemy.

Please take note of the dates for our upcoming live streams:

Dates: May 11 & 18
Dates: June (dates not yet determined)
Time: 7:30pm Arizona time, which is 10:30am Philippine time, the next day. 

Dates and times are always subject to change, per the leading of the Lord. 
Streaming schedules are also posted on the MKMI Facebook Page, under “Events”.   
MKMI now has a Rumble account, which is a conservative alternative to YouTube. Look for MIKE KEYES MINISTRIES ACCOUNT when searching for us there. Some of our teaching videos have been added to our Rumble account, and more are being added going forward. Our Facebook and YouTube accounts are still active, as is our Twitter account, but always subject to the leading of the Holy Spirit as to whether we stay with these social media platforms. We are watching to determine if we are going to remain on certain platforms, depending upon how intrusive they become with censorship. An example of this is how Parler was de-certified in January. They’ve since restarted their platform, but we’re not using them yet. There are other conservative options being developed as well. We’ll monitor all of this and make Spirit-led decisions going forward. 
Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord. (Hebrews 12:14 KJV)

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:7)

There is much confusion and trepidation over the latest twist in this COVID-19 plandemic from hell. On top of the fear of getting the virus itself for the past 15 months or so, we now have the additional fear of something bad happening if we get vaccinated. Do we take the vaccine, or not? Is it safe, or not? Many voices say it is, and many voices say it isn’t. All kinds of predictions are being made by “experts”, some encouraging and some frightening. Situations like this demand that we remind ourselves that there are Biblical steps to follow before we make decisions at the proverbial “fork in the road”. We need to have God’s peace when making difficult choices.

When we face uncertain times with many options to consider in life, it is wise to remember a few things found in the Bible. First, greater is the Holy Spirit in us than the devil in the world (1 John 4:4). We always have the upper hand, no matter what kind of demonic attack is encountered. If God be for us, nobody can be against us
(Romans 8:31-39). The fact that God loves us is an assurance He will always provide the counsel, comfort and protection needed to make good, godly decisions, if we let Him be God. Second, always make choices that align with God’s perfect will for our life and ministry (and everyone in the body of Christ has a ministry). If our choice takes us away, or prevents us from fulfilling God’s perfect plan for our lives, it’s the wrong choice. Third, commit your way to the Lord and trust in Him (Psalms 37:1-8/Proverbs 3:5-6). Do your best to listen to the voice of the Lord and obey His clear teachings in Scripture. After that, trust the Lord to watch over you and take care of you. Fourth, once you have made the decision to trust the Lord, relax and let the peace of God guard your heart and mind. Fifth, remember the peace we seek is found in our hearts, not our heads. Satan will always try to fill our heads with as many lies as he can, to confuse us and get us to make bad decisions. Do not make choices from a place of confusion! Take the time to wait on the Lord, so you can find the peace that guards your heart and mind. As it says in Hebrews 12:14, follow after peace!

Ethel and I have made our decision about the vaccine question. We do not have peace about being vaccinated, so we are not going to be – period. There are too many unknowns now, and the numbers of people who reportedly suffer severe or even fatal side effects is too numerous to ignore. Simply put - we are not comfortable in our spirits about vaccination, so we are not going to do it. However, if it ever becomes a law that vaccination is required before we can travel internationally in obedience to the Great Commission, that is an issue we must consider, because we are definitely called to travel and represent Jesus internationally. If that happens, we will cross that bridge in peace with the Lord if and when we get there. When Paul was on his missionary journey to Rome (his ministry assignment), a poisonous snake bit him on the hand, but he shook off the snake and suffered no adverse effects (Acts 28:3-6). If God can do that for Paul, He can do that for any of us if necessary. Remember, everyone must weigh their decisions through an objective look at God’s perfect will for their life and ministry. Do not judge others with the choices they have made. That is between them and God. We do not criticize any of the brethren who have already been vaccinated. Who are we to judge another man’s servant (Romans 14:4)? We pray for their safety and well-being. Each person must stick to his or her own set of circumstances, and discuss things with God from that perspective before making decisions like this.
The world is growing darker by the day. Many Christians have decided to compromise their faith for protection from persecution in these last days. This is a tragedy, for them and for those they’ll never reach for Jesus. But out of this sea of sin and compromise, rises the Radical Remnant. The small but potent army within God’s army. They fearlessly proclaim the truth without hesitation or apology. Empowered by God’s anointing, they boldly repel the wrath of those who love the darkness
(John 3:19-21).

In this book, Apostle Mike lays out the case for membership in God’s Radical Remnant. Each Christian must make the choice to join and separate themselves in every way possible. The world needs to see what a committed Christian looks, talks, and lives like. They need to be confronted with truth by the Radical Remnant of Christians who refuse to compromise for anyone, anywhere, at any time. God searches worldwide for children of God who qualify for inclusion in His Radical Remnant
(2 Chronicles 16:9). Do you qualify?
Order your copy of Apostle Mike’s newest book today. You can also do what many are doing - ordering additional copies for others they care about. Go online at to order, or call our Tucson office to place your order directly.
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