As our Lord’s return draws closer by the day, those who don’t know Jesus will continue to yield to the spirit of fear. Luke 21:25-26 says it all. In these perilous times, many will falter for fear of what they see coming on the earth. Our President and First Lady testing positive for COVID-19 is one example. Instead of remaining solid, steadfast and unwavering in their trust that God can and will work in and through this, they wither and vacillate in fear, listening only to what the ungodly and faithless have to say. That’s a BAD choice. Second Timothy 1:7 reminds us we’ve not been given a spirit of fear – but one of power, love and a SOUND MIND. A sound mind is full of faith, not fear. A sound mind is single-minded on God’s Word, not double-minded in fear and instability
(James 1:8). Remember, there are hundreds of promises from God that cover any calamity we face now, or will ever face going forward. Isaiah 40:31 is one such promise. It says those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength, mount up like eagles, run and not be weary, walk and never faint. In short, fearful times will never move the fearless fighters for Jesus. Never. Faithful or fearful - ITS YOUR CHOICE! Be full of faith, never full of fear.    
In September, our MKMI staff and RBTC student body continued holding outreach crusades, combining the preaching of the gospel with the distribution of food and clothing giveaways.  Due to the Fear Virus lockdowns and quarantines affecting our ability to evangelize, we still can’t hold large outdoor meetings, or go door-to-door for personal evangelism. So, our crowds are much smaller by local decree, but the outreach is very effective nonetheless. For those who attend, close to 100% receive Jesus as Lord & Savior whenever the altar call is given. We are continuing with this crusade format until we’re able to resume full-scale outreach operations.
We combine the gospel preaching with food and clothing giveaways. This approach gives us legal permission to reach out in Jesus’ name.  
Here is Rev. Rolly Pamaran, our National Crusade Director, giving the altar call to accept Jesus as Lord & Savior in the remote Gala barrio, near Ozamiz City.  
In every village, close to 100% of those who attend receive salvation before we distribute their free food and clothing giveaways.
We always combine praise & worship when we present the gospel. This is something we do everywhere, whenever we preach the Word of God.  
Here are the youth in our ATWOC Lapu-Lapu church, locked down, unable to go home, but learning about Jesus. They’re being tested after hearing the sermon about salvation.  
In the midst of the COVID-19 Fear Virus, our ATWOC church in Lapu-Lapu City, island of Mactan, decided to reach out within the confines of their own church. Initially after the outbreak began, no public travel was permitted on the island, except for doing needed grocery shopping or medical emergencies. For a number of island youth, that meant they were unable to travel back and forth from one island location to the next. So, Pastor Juliet Orbe decided to take advantage of the situation. What you see here is the result of that decision – many young people studying the Bible while maintaining local social distancing decrees. If any were not yet born-again, they were by the time this event concluded. Others were prayed for, ministered to, and re-charged to serve Jesus. Take that devil! One way or another, we’ve trained our leaders to find ways to evangelize, no matter what the situations may be that they face. This is a wonderful example of that.  
When I preach here, and in other ATWOC churches as well, I will give quizzes afterwards, to see if our people were listening and learning. Here the leaders are doing that with the youth who heard the Word. They’re required to take notes and learn from each speaker who speaks. 
Here are some of the sermon notes used by one of the Quarantine Crusade Church Leaders. 
Note the verses listed are
1 Timothy 1:15, and 1 John 1:8,10. 
Topic: SALVATION! That’s what we do everywhere we preach or plant churches. Winning souls is, and has always been, top priority with MKMI.  
Here are many of the church leaders who conducted this Quarantine Crusade. Our pastor, Rev. Juliet Orbe, is at the far right, standing next to her husband, Jeremiah. Great job everyone!  
This is an excerpt from chapter two of Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin’s book entitled "I Believe in Visions". He experienced this vision with Jesus in 1950! Imagine how close our Lord’s return is now!
America’s Last Call.
The scroll was written in the first person, and seemed as if Jesus Himself were speaking. I read, “America is receiving her last call. Some nations already have received their last call and never will receive another.” Then in larger print it said, “THE TIME OF THE END OF ALL THINGS IS AT HAND.” This statement was repeated four or five times. Jesus also said this was the last great revival. He went on to say, “All the gifts of the Spirit will be in operation in the Church in these last days, and the Church will do greater things than even the Early Church did. It will have greater power, signs, and wonders than were recorded in the Acts of the Apostles.” He said that we have seen and experienced many healings, but we will now behold amazing miracles that have not been seen before. Jesus continued, “More and more miracles will be performed in the last days which are just ahead, for it is time for the gift of the working of miracles to be more in prominence. We now have entered into the era of the miraculous. “Many of My own people will not accept the moving of My Spirit, and will turn back and will not be ready to meet Me at my coming. Many will be deceived by false prophets and miracles of satanic origin. But follow the Word of God, the Spirit of God, and Me, and you will not be deceived. I am gathering My own together and am preparing them, for the time is short.” There were several other exhortations to watchfulness, to awaken and pray, and not to be deceived. Then I read, “As it was in the days of Noah, so also shall the coming of the Son of Man be. As I spoke to Noah and said, ‘For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth’ [Gen. 7:4], so today I am speaking and giving America her last warning and call to repentance, and the time that is left is comparable to the last seven days of Noah’s time.”
‘Judgment Is Coming’
“Warn this generation, as did Noah his generation, for judgment is about to fall. And these sayings shall be fulfilled shortly, for I am coming soon.” Jesus repeated, “This is the last revival. I am preparing My people for My coming. Judgment is coming, but I will call My people away, even unto Myself, before the worst shall come. But be thou faithful; watch and pray, for the time of the end of all things is at hand.”
Here is one more prophecy from Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin, given in 1980. 
The End of the Age
The end of the age is coming upon this generation. The powers of darkness, the forces of evil are rampant as never before and they will be increased in intensity and velocity. And even many Christians will see and look upon these things and say, “Oh, there is no use,” throw up their hands in futility and say “Well, I guess it’s all over. We’ll just have to hold on and pray for Jesus to come shortly because the devil is about to take over everything.”
But thus saith the Lord, “In this day, I am searching the body of Christ to enlist soldiers. I’ll raise up a new band. I’ll raise up a new army who will know how to pray against the powers of darkness. And the light will dispel the darkness and the truth will set men free and prayer will break the bonds that bind men’s minds and spirits and bodies.” Hallelujah, glory to God.
Yea, there are those who will learn to take their place hurriedly. It must be hurriedly; it must be. Quickly it must be that they learn. That they enter in quickly to stand against the forces of darkness and evil that will try and come against the land, against the church, against the home, that would try and disrupt and destroy all that is good and all that God has endorsed. But the hand of the Lord is upon those who will listen and at the urge of God in the spirit to those who are attentive, they will pray. The Spirit of God will help you to pray. Do not try to do it yourself*.
Though there must be labor on your part, yet at the same time rest in Him. Let the Spirit flow through you like a river. Like a mighty wave, let it flow through you. Give vent to those innermost groanings. Let them escape your lips. Take the time to get alone and wait. Sometimes not even saying anything, but on the inside of you there is an agonizing. There is a flowing out of your spirit by the Holy Spirit to the Great Spirit, the Father of spirits. And thou shalt be sustained. Thou shalt be kept and thy family and thy home will be sure and stand fast, and thy children shall grow up strong and stalwart in the Lord, and they shall have no fear. 
If you are an American citizen, pay attention! Millions of Believers don’t vote in our national elections, and that must change now. The upcoming presidential election on November 3rd is the most critical in our lifetime, and many Christians don’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation. Either they’ll choose to stay home and not vote, or they’re going to vote for the wrong candidate. Remember, there are only 2 viable candidates, so only one will win. At stake is our very way-of-life, the protection of our Constitution and Bill of Rights as written, and most importantly, the protection of our freedoms to share Jesus and obey the Great Commission of Mark 16:15-18. There are forces in play doing all they can to censor, silence and eliminate the Christian voice, and the only way this can be negated in the secular arena is in the voting booth. Jesus said if you love Him, you will keep His commandments (John 14:15). The Great Commission is not a suggestion or a recommendation. It’s a command. We have been commanded to go into all the world and share Jesus with people. Therefore, we have a God-mandated obligation to exercise our right to vote, and stand for the freedoms in this country that give us the ability to continue to evangelize and among many other things, protect innocent life from conception. Without debate, as far as nations go, America has historically been God’s greatest tool for world-wide evangelism, and whoever is President is the key to keeping that fact a fact. Remember, just like how God selected David, He looks at a person’s heart, and sees things we can’t (1 Samuel 16:7-12). Aside from Jesus, God has always worked with imperfect people, because no one is without sin. All men are flawed to one degree or another, you and I included. So, I will give you some simple guidelines to follow when (not if) you want to make your voice be heard.  1) PRAY! Intercede for the election. Pray that every Christian will understand what we’re talking about, and vote accordingly. Remember, we’re first and foremost Christians, not Republicans or Democrats, so our vote is motivated by spiritual realities and responsibilities. 2) VOTE! Not voting IS voting – you’re taking away a vote for the person who is best aligned to protect the eternal principles of Biblical righteousness. 3) DON’T WASTE YOUR VOTE. There are only 2 political parties in America. Voting for some independent because you don’t “like” either of the two candidates is foolishness. It’s the same as not voting at all. It’s a wasted vote. 4) VOTE POLICIES NOT PERSONALITIES. Vote for the political platform each candidate’s party stands for. Both candidates have a checkered past, but you must look beyond all of that. We’re not voting for personalities, but policies. Which political party most closely aligns itself with God, the things of God, the commandments of God, and the righteous standards clearly laid out in scripture? 5) EXAMINE EACH CANDIDATE’S POLITICAL HISTORY. After being elected to public office, which one has performed more in line with the interests of the kingdom of God while in a position of political authority? One has been in that position for almost 50 years, the other only 3.5 years. Using your Bible as the standard for your choice, ask God to show you which candidate best agrees with HIS standards, not anyone else’s. 6) VOTE FEARLESSLY. Listen to God, no one else. Forget about your family’s ‘history” when voting. Don’t bow to any “pressure” applied to influence your choice. Be an independent individual who understands someday you’ll stand before God to answer for the choices you’ve made in life, including the choice you made when voting for our next President. You won’t stand before your family, your relatives, your friends, your co-workers or fellow students on judgment day. You will stand before God – alone. With that in mind, make your choice wisely this November 3rd7) PRAY FOR NATIONAL REPENTANCE. The political and social landscape has worsened dramatically since our last presidential election four years ago. Like never before, Christians are hated and being censored at every turn. Read Psalms 37 and 64 as examples of what lies ahead. Judgment is coming, but it can be delayed. One candidate has proven by his words and actions to be an ally of the Christian faith since 2016. The other one hasn’t. Second Chronicles 7:14 says it all. Only the church as the ability to impose a stay of execution upon our country. The life we live, both in this world and before God, is the key to saving this country from itself, and from the ungodly. We must do what we can in our prayer closets and also in the voting booth. Pray for spiritual revival. Pray for on outpouring of the Holy Spirit across this land in ways and breadth never seen before. Pray for our national spiritual revival, according to Titus 2:11-14. We must do our part socially by voting righteously, but spiritually, we can and must do even more! We can go into the spiritual realm, and do battle there in the name of Jesus. No one else can do that! Either way, it’s up to us!  
We appreciate your faithful prayers of agreement for these priority issues affecting our ministry.

In America: 
Pray for national spiritual repentance and revival. This alone can save America from itself, and from the ungodly. Refer to the FINAL THOUGHT for additional information. 

In the Philippines:
Tax Attack. Discussed in the August COLD WATER. To date, no new developments to report. We’re believing for total victory, paying no taxes to anyone.

Fear Virus Issues. Agree with us that all COVID-19 hurdles are eliminated. That means all travel restrictions and quarantine requirements be lifted in all countries where we are assigned by God to go, especially the Philippines.

Ministry Income. Agree with us for steady and sufficient monthly income to run the ministry and continue all avenues of outreach without interruption. We’re feeding on God’s faithfulness (Psalms 37:3).
Road Expansion Project: The city of Ozamiz has indicated they intend to restart construction work to widen the road in front of our compound, which would damage and destroy hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of our property and existing structures. Believe with us for the complete termination of this project – with no damage or destruction to compound property.
Once again, Ethel and I want to thank all of you for your faithful and generous support. Except for one meeting in mid-September, we’ve not had any out-of-town church meetings since March 15th, but I’m pleased to report that once again, all of our bills are current and up-to-date, and we’ve still got enough on hand to continue funding our on-going work overseas.  Through all the Fear Virus lockdowns which are still in place all over the world, God has proven Himself faithful to meet our needs, and we know He will continue to do so. You are a very important part of His work to sustain MKMI through 2020 and beyond. We can’t say when we’ll be able to return and resume ministry operations personally in the Philippines, but wherever we are we know we’ve got partners like you to lean on, as we all stand in faith for complete victory over this global pandemic attack of the enemy.  
Our ministry travel resumes this fall on a limited basis. Therefore, our Facebook Livestream Schedule has changed. Please take note of the dates for our upcoming live streams:
  • Dates: October 1,8,15,22,29.
  • Time: 7:30pm Arizona time, which is 10:30am Philippine time, the next day. 
Dates and times are always subject to change, per the leading of the Lord. 
Streaming schedules are also posted on the MKMI Facebook Page, under “Events”.    
But you beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life. Jude 20-21

In these perilous times leading up to the November 3rd USA election and beyond, Christians MUST engage the enemy in prayer if we’re to save America from God’s judgment and total destruction. For the sake of the Great Commission of Mark 16:15-18, we need God’s mercy, not His judgment! One of the most powerful and effective ways to do that is by praying in the Holy Spirit, which means praying in other tongues. This is a marvelous gift from God, reserved only for born-again Christians. According to
1 Corinthians 14:2, speaking in other tongues is supernatural conversation with God.  Through our born-again spirit, we converse and pray directly with God - spirit to Spirit. Why is that so important? Because we don’t know all the details about what we need to be praying about concerning our nation, but the Holy Spirit does. Nothing is secret to Him. Because He gives us the words to pray, we can be assured that our prayers are accurate, and anointed. First Corinthians 14:14 tells us that when we pray in other tongues, our intellect and natural understanding is not involved – we’ve moved to a higher level of prayer! The Holy Spirit gives us the words to pray, and we pray them out of our spirit, not out of our mental understanding. We pray out spiritual “mysteries”, using languages and words we don’t comprehend or understand, but God does – and that’s all that matters! The Apostle Paul knew how vital it was to spend time praying in tongues. In 1 Corinthians 14:18, he reminded the Corinthian Christians he prayed in tongues more than all of them combined! We desperately need to walk in the light of this NOW. The salvation and preservation of America as we know it is the responsibility of the body of Christ to pray and intercede over, according to 2 Chronicles 7:14. There’s no better way to do that than through praying in the Holy Spirit! 

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Read them. Learn from them. Apply them.   

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