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It would be my pleasure to speak with your parent group about Kindergarten Readiness. If you are interested in calendaring a date with me, please contact me through the number below.


During my years here I have discovered the joy of working with students and their families and in particular, the wonder of the preschool through kindergarten years. In today's educational system parents and educators work to prepare students for kindergarten through teaching children their ABCs, numbers, shapes and colors which are the foundational pieces to build upon during the kindergarten year. While teachers agree that the mastery of these bits of knowledge are important, they are also looking for their students to be good listeners, to follow directions, to play well with others, to cut and paste, and to be eager learners. The balance of academic knowledge, development growth, and supportive parents are the keys to a successful student.


I look forward to speaking with your group!

                                                                  Heather Churney

                                                     Admissions Director

                                                     Anaheim Hills Campus

                                                     714-693-3812 x1310