Greetings! in this issue, we want to tell you about a very promising collaboration with the Sierra Leone Ministry of Gender and Children's Affair, 1MillionHome, and other like-minded organizations to make sure thousands of street children find a forever home. Read on, get inspired, and get engaged!
A mighty movement to reunite street children with their families
SULAIMAN'S STORY: Like so many grandmothers in Sierra Leone, Hawa is the provider and sole caretaker for several of her grandchildren. When her son Ansu fell ill, she became responsible for yet another grandson named Sulaiman, who was seven years old at the time.  

It was a difficult transition for the little boy. Separated from his father, living in an over-crowded house with never enough to eat, Sulaiman began to suffer acutely from loneliness and deprivation. Out of desperation, he escaped to the streets of Bo, where he scraped out an existence with other street boys. Life on the streets was even harder, but Sulaiman was ashamed to return home.  

Heartbroken, Hawa and Ansu scoured the markets and dumps looking for Sulaiman every day, but they could not find him.  “When Sualiman went missing, I was crying every day,” Hawa says. “My eyes were red. I had sleepless nights worrying about my grandson’s whereabouts. But one thing that I did not lose is faith. I did not lose hope. I was still praying.”  

The Child Reintegration Centre social work team had just launched their mission to rescue street children when they found Sulaiman on the street. In fact, he was among the first group of children identified by the CRC for family reintegration.

“I was beginning to think that Sulaiman was not coming back. But this God is always good. I will forever be grateful to Him and the CRC,” Hawa says.
How the Child Reintegration Centre plans to bring thousands of children like Sulaiman home to their families
It is estimated that there are up to 20,000 street-connected children (children who live or work on the street without appropriate adult supervision) in Sierra Leone. Helping Children Worldwide is working with the CRC to address the desperate need to bring street-connected children home to their families, and the Sierra Leonean government has tapped the CRC team to lead the way towards family reunification nationally. The CRC runs an effective family reunification program, but they are just one organization. To reunite the 20,000 children living on the street with their families, other child welfare organizations throughout Sierra Leone must be equipped and activated.
Helping Children Worldwide is partnering with the Sierra Leonean government to hold a family reunification training workshop for up to 100 organizations in the capital city of Freetown this fall. Organizations that participate in the workshop will continue the journey towards family-based care, as they are mentored and supported by the CRC's Transition Coaching and Mentoring team.

With the promised participation of the President of Sierra Leone and key Cabinet members, the CRC is poised to work with 1MILLIONHOME to become a catalyst for the reintegration of the nation's separated children through the National Family Reunification Workshop. But we need your help!  Click on the button to learn how "No More Orphans" becomes reality!
HCW welcomes Mission Project Specialist
Please join us in welcoming Yasmine Vaughan, who is joining HCW as Mission Project Specialist.

Yasmine's godparents were missionaries who traveled the world and inspired a passion in her for medical missions. She has a Masters of Public Health from George Washington University, where she studied Global Health Program Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation.

Yasmine interned with HCW for nine months before joining the staff to coordinate Monitoring and Evaluation, Missions Deployment, Global Public Health, and the Village Partnership.

Yasmine has studied abroad in Ghana, the Dominican Republic, and Belize. She is currently studying for her Certified Associate in Project Management. She loves playing with her cat, River, baking, photography, embroidery, and listening to podcasts.
Yasmine Vaughan, HCW's new Mission Project Specialist. Read Yasmine's story about donated hospital beds below!
By Yasmine Vaughan, 
HCW Mission Project Specialist
Apparently, hospital beds are not Prime two-day shipping eligible.

One of the biggest obstacles to getting medical supplies to Sierra Leone is the shipping cost, especially for larger items that cannot be carried by mission teams. When HCW Board member Rick Peterson approached HCW and said he would cover the cost of shipping for hospital beds being donated to us by Project CURE, we jumped at the chance. Project CURE will be sending 100 emergency relief hospital beds to Sierra Leone, to replace some of the older or broken beds at Mercy Hospital. READ MORE
The Child Reintegration Centre has rescued ten teenaged boys from the street and reunited them with their families. The CRC has helped each of the boys re-enroll in a local secondary school or in a technical-vocational education program.  

The CRC counseling unit held a workshop for the boys and their parents to help them with the challenges of reunion and separation from street life. The families, all of whom are economically vulnerable, will receive a stipend to help them care for their children, as well as much needed mattresses, linens, and toiletries. 
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Use your expertise and enthusiasm to transform the lives of vulnerable children and families.
Do you want to help vulnerable children and families achieve their wonderful God-given potential? Become a representative for your church and join the adventure! We are always welcoming new partner churches and organizations to join our shared mission - maybe God is calling you? Find out how you can get more involved by calling or emailing Mohamed "Nabs" Nabieu: 703-793-9521 ext 104 or
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