Greetings! the Mattias' story shared below is a reminder that poverty is the number one reason children are separated from their families, both in Sierra Leone and throughout the developing world. Read on to learn how you can join our movement to ensure that every child has a loving family, plus HCW's Annual Golf Tournament, Ebenezer UMC's Go for Bo 5K, and more!
CRC intervention rescues a separated family from despair
By Mohamed Nabieu, HCW Director of Mission Advancement and Partnership

The Mattia children’s parents died shortly before the Ebola outbreak, from the type of chronic illnesses that take the lives of so many Sierra Leoneans. Left alone in a crumbling and frequently flooded mud hut, the pitiful condition of the four children captured the sympathy of a caring neighbor, who referred their case to the Child Reintegration Centre. The CRC did an assessment including family tracing, and found out that the children’s Auntie Monjama was living in a nearby village. With her own children grown and married, Monjama was happy to come care for her late sister’s children at the CRC’s request. 

With the CRC’s help, Monjama moved the family from the dangerously dilapidated house into her brother’s house in downtown Bo. “My sister had a dream to move out of that unsafe house, but when she got sick, the little money they were saving for a new place was spent on her medication. But she did not survive and then the husband also died soon after that,” Monjama explains. “The CRC came in at the right time when we needed help desperately. My heart jumped for joy when I heard that CRC was going to help me support my late sister’s children.”  

Before her family's enrollment in the CRC, Monjama found it nearly impossible to make a profit in her work as a petty trader. She was about to give up when the CRC suggested she join the microfinance initiative. “With the microfinance classes, I have learned how to budget and save my profits. I have joined the local savings group called the osusu. This has helped me a lot. Now I have been helping my neighbors with these skills.” 
Monjama (center) with her adopted sons and daughter, Brima, Saidu, Emma, and Aliyya. “My heart jumped for joy when I heard that CRC was going to help me support my late sister’s children.”
Here's how we can accomplish the dream of "No More Orphans"
Most unaccompanied minors are not orphans at all. Poverty, not death, is the number one reason children are separated from their families in Sierra Leone. Equipping and empowering families to care for their children is the best way to help them remain intact.  Family empowerment restores dignity and responsibility, and provides families with a pathway to success.  

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HCW joins Christian global health network
By Yasmine Vaughan, HCW Mission Project Specialist

One of the things we value the most at Helping Children Worldwide is collaboration. Through our connections to the Christian Alliance for Orphans, 1MillionHome, and other child welfare non-profits we have been able to share resources, best practices, and extend our reach to help children all over the world. As part of our Global Health initiative, Helping Children Worldwide wanted to join other faith-based organizations that provide medical services to the disadvantaged internationally. We discovered Christian Connections for International Health, a diverse network of organizations and individuals from across the globe, whose mission is to mobilize and empower their network to promote global health and wholeness from a Christian world view. HCW has now become a member of this organization, and representatives of our organization attended the CCIH annual conference this May, where we met with many other organizations who, like us, want to care for the sick around the world in Jesus' name.
Get involved in the mission!
A DAY OF FUN FOR A LIFETIME OF HOPE: Register for our annual golf tournament
JOIN GO FOR BO WHEREVER YOU ARE: Ebenezer UMC's Go for Bo will be both virtual and live! With a 5K, a 1-Mile Fun Run and a Tot Dash, Go For Bo offers the perfect race for all ages and abilities. Participate on Ebenezer’s neighborhood course on October 9 or anywhere you choose October 2-9. Prizes will be awarded to the first three male and female finishers in each age group. All early registrants will receive a unisex technical dri-fit race shirt. Everyone is welcome!
Are you ready to make a difference for vulnerable children and families in Sierra Leone?
Are you ready to use your talent and expertise to help vulnerable children and families achieve their wonderful God-given potential? Become a Partner Representative and join the adventure! We are always welcoming new partner churches and organizations to join our shared mission - maybe God is calling you? Find out how you can get more involved by calling or emailing Mohamed "Nabs" Nabieu: 703-793-9521 ext 104 or
We walk by faith and not by sight

We walk by faith and not by sight. God’s Kingdom is growing silently, but surely, because that’s what God’s Kingdom does. We won’t see the Kingdom in full flower until we enter into our heavenly reward. But we can be sure that just as the flower is more beautiful than the seed it grew from, so God’s Kingdom will be infinitely more glorious than anything we can imagine. Until then, no matter how dark and hopeless our world may seem, we live, work, and pray with trust that it is all going according to God’s plan.
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Every child deserves to grow up in a safe, loving family.  Learn more about our Family Empowerment Advocacy and the mission to reunite orphaned and abandoned children with their forever families:
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