I spent my entire night last night listening to the Kansas state Senate debate a resolution that gives the Legislature absolute authority to pass extreme abortion measures, including an all-out ban, including in cases of rape and incest. And, IT PASSED!

What a way to spend Kansas Day in a year we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote. This constitutional amendment pushes our state backwards. 

To make matters worse, Senator John Skubal (our Senator), voted against the Hensley amendment, which would have guaranteed rights for women impregnated through rape and incest or those whose life would be at risk! 

The Senate rushed it through with an "emergency final action" vote just before 9:00 pm. Now, it will go to the House where it could very well pass, too. What a horrible day in Kansas.

I am disappointed in my "moderate Republican" Senator, and I am angry that politicians are interfering with my ability to make deeply personal healthcare decisions. Those are decisions that should be between the woman and her doctor.

While Senator Skubal ultimately voted no on the final resolution, he did so after spending the entire debate silent on the Senate floor. Unlike Senator Skubal, I will stand up and fight for the rights of all Kansans. I will never waiver in my commitment to the women of Kansas or any other group they wish to disenfranchise, marginalize, or control. It's time to put a Democrat in this Senate seat - and I am that Democrat.

I can't win this fight without the financial support of everyone who believes we all have rights over our own bodies! Please share this with your friends.