Fourth-graders swimming for safety this week

Fourth-graders in Del Norte County are participating in a series of six safety swim lessons, this week and next, to learn how to stay safe in the county’s numerous bodies of water. Read it.
Why Nearly Half The Kids In An Island State Can’t Swim

Some Hawaii schools are working with community groups to make swim lessons more affordable and more widely available. Read it.
Sponsored Content: Remember Those Wobbly Wooden Starting Blocks?

Competitive swimming equipment has evolved significantly over the years - the addition of goggles for visual clarity, compression swimsuits for reduced drag and lane lines with specialized disks that quell waves are a few examples. Fortunately, starting blocks technology has also greatly improved over the years!  Read more
30 Under 40 | Dustin Kauffman

Dustin Kauffman started at ProMinent in fall 2010. It was a winter job that would get him through until spring, at which point he’d return to his career as a PGA-certified golf professional. But he never left ProMinent. Read it.
Death by Drowning: In need of national strategy on prevention

DROWNING is the third leading cause of accidental deaths across the world. The World Health Organisation states that drowning claims around 360,000 lives a year. Read it.
Reflections on the World Conference on Drowning Prevention 2019

Phuket may want to be known for its white-sand beaches, its plentiful dive and snorkel sites and its proximity to a host of beauti­ful islets, but there’s something else that’s creeping into the picture, something that sits uncomfortably next to this trio of tourist draws: drownings. Read it.
Estevan’s Erin Wilson shared Canadian experience in drowning prevention internationally

Everything is relative. Erin Wilson, who is a water safety ambassador and volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross, as well as the City of Estevan’s program manager, and who recently returned from the World Conference on Drowning Prevention that took place in Durban, South Africa, once again learned how true this statement is. Read it.
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Assistant Director of Aquatics Programs – Iowa City, Iowa
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Aquatics Manager – Sole Mia – North Miami, Florida
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Aquatics Manager – San Francisco, California
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Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly on the financial lesson he learned as a teen working in his dad’s auto shop

Luke Kuechly is a star linebacker for the Carolina Panthers who was selected in the 2012 NFL draft.
Though he’s made millions throughout his NFL career, the 28-year-old has not lost sight of what it means to properly manage his money. That lesson, he tells The Charlotte Observer, is all thanks to his first job in high school, when he worked at his dad’s auto shop in Ohio. Read it.
Underwater resistance training beneficial for men with bone, joint conditions

Traversing the twists and turns of the waterslide, perfecting your form on the diving board, and testing your cunning at a game of Marco Polo. These are just a few of the ways to steer clear of boredom and ensure a fun day at the pool. Read it.
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How to Master Interview Small Talk

Interviews are always nerve-wracking. Whether you’ve been on 1,000 or 10, convincing someone to hire you for a role that you really want is scary, overwhelming and a whole host of other emotions. Read it.
Why Leadership Development Often Fails

You walk into your place of work tomorrow. You find out that one of the key leaders in your organization, a good person who has made a tremendous impact on your life and the lives of many of those you work with, suddenly died in a freak accident. Is your organization ready to replace this key leader? Read it.
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